Die Toten Hosen: But cancellation at “Rock am Ring”? Band pissed off

The scandal never ends. Just a few days ago, “Die Toten Hosen” gave a detailed statement on the current situation at the twin festivals “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park”. And it looks like this:

After it became known that the US band “Pantera” would be performing there this year – and that despite the fact that lead singer Phil Anselmo had made racist statements and publicly gave the Hitler salute in the past – there was a wave of outrage. Both with the fans of the festivals and with the musicians of “Die Toten Hosen”.

They are now speaking up again, pissed off and disappointed with the reactions to their recent statement on the subject.

“Die Toten Hosen”: Band pissed off after fan comments

So they explained a few years ago that they didn’t approve of the organizers letting “Pantera” play at “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park”. As a result, “Die Toten Hosen” did not officially cancel the festival, which their fans could not quite understand.

So now another statement on her Instagram channel. And Campino and Co. don’t seem happy about how their first post was received.

“Die Toten Hosen”: But cancellation at “Rock am Ring”?

You now write: “Dear friends, two days ago, with our posting about Rock am Ring and Rock im Park, we tried to present a situation that is currently burdening us and many others. Unfortunately, there are some people who either want to understand our statement and say “Pants don’t matter, the main thing is that the concert takes place.” Wrong!

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This is not the case, the band first wants to consider all the facts and then decide. In other words: It’s not yet certain that “Die Toten Hosen” will definitely appear at the festivals.

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The only thing the band wants to say at the moment is: “We’ll keep you posted.”