Die Toten Hosen: Fans bitterly disappointed – “It’s weak now”

The fans had waited a long time for their statement. But when it finally arrived, the criticism didn’t die down. But on the contrary. On Wednesday, “Die Toten Hosen” commented on the Pantera problem for the first time on their Instagram profile.

We remember: Recently, a dispute broke out around the “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park” festivals, where “Die Toten Hosen” are also supposed to perform. The organizer had invited the band Pantera. However, their lead singer Phil Anselmo was criticized for various right-wing statements and gestures. The tenor was clear: no rights to “Rock am Ring”.

But the festival organizers did not draw any conclusions. In a statement, it said: “In several conversations we have received credible assurances that Phil Anselmo’s conduct in 2016 in no way reflects the band’s views and that he sincerely and deeply regrets his actions. Phil Anselmo has repeatedly apologized publicly for his behavior and statements.”

The fans of “Toten Hosen” are disappointed

But how would the pants around frontman Campino react? After all, the band stands for the fight against racism and nationalism like no other in Germany. The band released a statement on Instagram stating that the situation was “complicated and unfortunate” but that Phil Anselmo had never met and therefore could not make any specific statements about his attitude. But the band definitely wants to play on the ring.

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A no-go for many fans who are now venting their disappointment on Instagram. “Thank you for your statement, you can really tell how you’ve squirmed between doing nothing and doing nothing at all, but hinting that somehow you don’t think it’s all that great. Activists are happy about the verbal warm handshake – it’s like supporting Black Lives Matter with these cut-out coupons from McDonald’s,” writes a follower on Instagram, for example.

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Another follower adds: “You do have an influence on the line-up. You could also have decided that you don’t want to play alongside right-wing bands (and fans) yourself. You have decided against it and are absolutely not ‘in your way’. This situation is not ‘unfortunate’, but quite clear and, above all, a real danger for many people who have to suffer from racist violence. “And a third person writes briefly and succinctly: “That’s weak now.”