Diego Bertie dies, the Peruvian actor fell from the 14th floor of the building | People | Entertainment

His audience still doesn’t believe the news. On August 5, it was reported that the Peruvian actor Diego Bertie suffered a fatal accident when he fell from the 14th floor of his building located on the Miraflores boardwalk. This was reported by Mario Casaretto, general commander of the firefighters.

According to a report published by the website larepublica.pe, the artist was transferred to the Casimiro Ulloa hospital, where he arrived without vital signs.

This is how Diego Bertie’s last presentation was recorded a month before he was found dead at his residence in Lima (VIDEOS)

According to the medical report, Bertie died at 04:28, at the age of 54 and a report is still awaited to clarify the details of the accident.

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Bertie’s representative, Carlos Sánchez de la Puente, was shocked after learning of his death. “Diego is an angel living among us, he is the noblest guy I have ever worked with (…) We are united by a friendship with him, we scheduled his return to music, and it was incredibly good, people expected it, hugs him, kisses him. I’m in shock, I have not spoken to anyone in the family yet, when we have more information we can talk in more detail, “he publishes The Republic from Peru. (YO)