Diego Jaar: a master’s degree in cinema leads him to music

Studying a master’s degree in cinema, in Barcelona, ​​the young musician and songwriter, Diego Jaar, was discovering what was the dream that if he did not fulfill he would regret it all his life.

Inspired by the cultural maelstrom of that great Spanish city, Diego enjoyed the festivals that took place there. He was assiduous in visiting bars and other places where young artists told how they had left everything just to go to Barcelona to sing or how they put aside a secure life to pursue the dream of music. These experiences made him wake up again in this young Dominican “the little worm” of music.

Jaar was already a publicist and, furthermore, he worked in the world of cinematography, so it was time to delve into his heart and follow his true vocation, the one he began at the age of four, when after seeing the musical “La novicia rebel”, upon arriving home, he was able to reproduce the music he had heard on a small piano. An innate talent, which his parents knew how to take advantage of and immediately enrolled him in classical piano lessons.

Singer-songwriters like Vicente García also inspired him to continue with music and his steps through festivals placed him in the eye of the Dominican public.

+ “My notebook”

Determined, he buys a guitar, takes a notebook and begins to write songs. And it is in honor of this notebook that Diego titles his first album “Mi libreta”, an album that brings seven songs, in which he shows his concern for a variety of social problems, but exposed from other points that evoke love and even love. a wake up call.

Similarly rich in musical content. Bolero, merengue, pambiche and other Caribbean rhythms stand out.

With the musical production of Allan Leschorn, musical arrangements by Ambiorix Francisco and Diego Jaar and the executive production of Ángel García.

As a good publicist, he presents the album in a very creative way, in a simple notebook where he exposes part of his history, musical credits, song lyrics and the code to scan and download the album.

+ songs

The Mountain: “It’s a song I wrote when the Odebrecht corruption cases were uncovered and I needed to vent. I felt it was time to act. With the protests in the Plaza de la Bandera, for the last elections, people made the issue their own and it served to motivate other young people to vote and get involved in politics”.

The Black: “That empowered Dominican woman who leaves her partner, an abusive man, and knows how to move on,” is an ode.

The one of love: “Inspired by my best friend who, despite knowing that she was the woman he loved, felt a terrible panic when he was getting married. In the same way he happened to the girlfriend, but when they both see each other, everything flows ”.

The Yola: “As a result of one of the many tragedies of the yola trips to Puerto Rico, I portrayed the love story of two people who fall in love in the middle of a journey like this. Although I narrate a love story, it also highlighted this social problem.”

The dream: Once I had a dream with a melody and a person, when I woke up I recorded the melody on my cell phone, then the next day I listened to what I had recorded and found this beautiful bolero”.

The witch:
“It is about a modern witch, perhaps a toxic and economically absorbing woman, but despite the advice of friends, the man prefers to live with those situations and with the woman he loves.”

The child: “I had the experience with which I realized that it was not bad to be sensitive to animals, but we cannot ignore the problems that children in our country suffer.”