Diego Verdaguer. With unpublished and tender PHOTOS they commemorate one year of his death

“I am still sad, many times without believing it, but I take refuge in my baby, Lucca fills that void for me; I think of dad and tell him come, I want to hug you! I will do what would make you happy in gratitude for so much love you gave me”, says Ana Victoria when remembering Diego Verdaguer, her father, who died on January 27 from last year.

Ana Victoria and her mother Amanda Miguel have decided to commemorate Verdaguer by sharing their emotions with the public but also some photographs from the family album that we present here.

Mother and daughter will remain this Friday, January 27, 2023, in recollection, at their home in Los Angeles, California, praying and appreciating the nature that Diego inspired and loved so much; they will be sheltered by their immediate family, as well as by Víctor Raúl (Master Verdaguer’s brother), his children and wife; all together honoring who united them and built unbreakable ties between them.

The last 365 days have been bittersweet for all of them; Amanda Miguel has commented that her family, her friends and her public have given her the words and the strength she needed, but her nostalgia remains in her day-to-day life:

“He missed him a lot; my heart is split in two and cannot be sewn, absence is not filled with anything, it is very hard not to have it to hug and kiss it, time goes by but the pain does not lessen, it is only accepted irremediably”.

Ana Victoria points out how difficult it was to resign herself to the death of her father, which occurred suddenly due to complications from Covid.

The last year was one of intense adjustments, of having to wake up at tremendous speed, pick myself up and continue; For me it was a duty to do it, I had to fulfill my father’s dreams and with that give him back everything he did for me… and I will continue to do it with love, conviction and devotion, because he really was so wise, tender and even magical, that I couldn’t stop doing what he taught me, both professionally and personally.”

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