Dieter Bohlen becomes clear after criticism: “The worst”

Dieter Bohlen becomes clear after sharp criticism: “The worst thing that can happen to any artist”

05/01/2022 at 10:12 p.m

Dieter Bohlen. His career

Dieter Bohlen. His career

He is one of the most successful German musicians and one of the most polarizing: Dieter Bohlen.

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Millions of fans were quite surprised by this sensation: pop titan Dieter Bohlen suddenly makes common cause with RTL star Pietro Lombardi and scandal rapper Katja Krasavice.

The former “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” juror is back with a new musical project, for which he not only received praise. Now answered Dieter Bohlen personally on the criticism of the new edition of the Modern Talking hit “You’re my heart, you’re my soul” – with a clear opinion.

Dieter Bohlen: Pop-Titan reacts to the criticism of the “You’re my heart, you’re my soul” remake

As a reminder: Pietro Lombardi and rapper Katja Krasavice surprised their fans with the classic, which Dieter Bohlen also worked on.


This is pop titan Dieter Bohlen:

  • Dieter Bohlen was born on February 7, 1954 in Berne
  • Dieter Günter Bohlen became world famous as a member of the pop duo “Modern Talking”.
  • Until 2021, the pop titan was chief judge of the RTL casting show “DSDS”
  • The artist has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Carina Walz since autumn 2006


The video sequence published so far not only caused enthusiasm among Dieter’s followers, but also negative comments. On his Instagram channel he now says clearly: “The charts don’t count those who think something is shit. Those who like it count in the charts. So it’s about convincing people with what you do.”

Dieter Bohlen defends himself against criticism of working with Pietro Lombardi and Katja Krasavice

Dieter Bohlen makes it clear: “You can’t convince everyone one hundred percent.” On the contrary: “The worst thing that can happen to any artist is that everyone finds him very nice or people don’t care about you,” says Bohlen.

He is certain: “I prefer that everyone gets upset and the others think you’re quite good.” The pop titan has learned over the years and says today: “I never had 100 percent agreement. There were always people who thought that was shit, but there were also many who have stayed with me for 40 years.”

Dieter Bohlen, Katja Krasavice and Pietro Lombardi work together

Katja Krasavice and Pietro Lombardi can definitely polarize. And while some do not support the triple combination, others are over the moon.

It remains to be seen how big the chart success will be in the end. A look at Dieter Bohlen’s musical past shows that it’s not without reason that he’s nicknamed “Pop Titan”.


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