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Linda de Suza died at the age of 74, her agent announced on December 28. The singer had a difficult childhood and had attempted suicide…

Linda de Suza dies at 74announced his agent Fabien Lecoeuvre to AFP on December 28. The singer died in Gisors hospital and was in respiratory emergency. A few months earlier, France Sunday referred to his “psychological disorders“.” Left in her world, she would evoke a fight between the forces of good and evil, the doctors would worry because she would have stopped eating”, could we read. Unfortunately, the artist will not have survived.

She sang with an open heart in her last album, Portugal Postcard, released in 2019. The artist returned to the front of the stage, almost 30 years after the release of his opus Simply Liveto deliver music that draws its source from the deepest wounds and fondest childhood memories.

The Cardboard Suitcase where the biography of an abandoned kid…

Born in Beringel, Portugal, singer Linda de Suza grew up in a siblings of eight children and suffered cruelly from a lack of affection from his mother. The septuagenarian artist had poured out on his wounds not quite closed, at the microphone ofEuropean 1in the show It feels goodhosted by Anne Roumanoffin 2019. Linda de Suza had first confided that her parent had never told her that she loved her.

Then, LForeign recounted the day when she found herself, without warning, “in front of a large green gate“. It was a pension, in which she was now to stay. Obviously still upset by this memory, the septuagenarian had not yet held a grudge and understood her mother’s decision: With eight children, there was no eating. It was like that. In this orphanage, it was not just me, there were others. We were more than a hundred.”

Linda de Suza: her suicide attempt

The hurt caused by this lack of affection led the interpreter to Tiroli Tirola to do suicide attempt at age 16.
I’m 71 now. With time, with age… All I could do was to attract attention. It was just for that“, she explained at the time before letting go with tenderness: JI was a mother at 20 (from his son João Lança, 51, editor’s note). It was from there that I knew what it meant to love“. It was also at this age that she flew to France, in search of new horizons. There she found success with his hits Portuguese, Tiroli Tirola or A child can make the world sing.

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