Dior is still betting on Johnny Depp; Savage’s sales continue to skyrocket

Dior is still betting on Johnny Depp; Savage’s sales continue to skyrocket. After the media trial between the protagonist of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and Amber Heard, the French house maintains a close relationship with the 59-year-old actor, since everything indicates that he broke with precedents and proof of this was when he launched the campaign of the fragrance whose image is Johnny Depp, whom he promoted in one of the most difficult episodes of his life.

According to Daily Mail, the commercial has been in rotation in which the “Fantastic Beasts” actor appears playing chords, while in a desert and surrounded by wolves. In addition, the TMZ portal reported that the ad recently aired in prime time during an episode of MasterChef on Fox from 8 to 9 pm on Wednesday night.

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Previously, as we posted, cosmetics retailer and competitor Ulta noted in early June that there was a increase in sales de la Savage, making it one of their best-selling fragrances online. In this regard, statistics cited by Dior state that the fragrance is sold every three minutes.

In addition to Savage falling in love with its intense aroma due to the combination of notes of bergamot reggio and amber woods, the English academic and author Katie Edwards made an analysis published in the Independent media in which he affirms that Dior was smart to bet on Johnny Depp because he realized that the “cancel culture” controversy is a potential ally in driving sales.

The cultural commentator states that after the accusations of the “Aquaman” actress, who through a publication in the newspaper “The Sun” described him as a “wife beater”, Dior “not only maintained its collaboration with Depp, but also launched new ads”.

It must be remembered that the American actor has been the image of the perfume since 2015, that is, this link with Dior occurred when he was 51 years old. But the recent commercial had a bigger impact because it took place in the middle of the legal situation that he faced against his former partner, 36 years old.

In this sense, the author highlights that even the hashtag #JusticeforJohnnywhich has been active since Amber Heard claimed to be attacked in every way by Johnny Depp, gained strength due to the feelings and tireless support of fans, who even thanked Dior for their loyalty to the musician.

And although it was a bet that could be counterproductive, since the same description of the fragrance says “in a parenthesis inhabited by ancient legends, where wolves are gods and men let their animal instincts speak, freed from all artifice, becomes one with the desert”, Johnny Depp’s image was not harmedOn the contrary.

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In this way, “Dior helps anchor public ideas about Depp’s personality. He was chosen as the face of Sauvage because Dior recognizes that embodies the spirit of the fragrance: wild and animal, but also noble, honest and authentic”.

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