‘Dirty Dancing’ star Jennifer Grey: Depp Heard trial ‘breaks her heart’

The trial surrounding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues to shock. Now Depp-Ex Jennifer Gray talks about it.

It is an event that moves many: the trial between Amber Heard (36) and Johnny Depp (58). With new stories and details being unearthed every day, it is difficult for us laypersons, but also for the jury and judges in the US state of Virginia to filter out what is the truth.

Of course, the trial of the two celebrities also involves other stars, including Johnny Depp’s ex Jennifer Gray (62), who became world famous with her role as “Baby” in the cult film “Dirty Dancing”. In her recently published biography, she described the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, with whom she was engaged for nine months in 1988, as “paranoid” and “insanely jealous”. Now she has also commented on the process to “Entertainment Tonight”.

We show you the allegations that Jennifer Gray raises against her ex in the video above.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: The trial makes Jennifer Gray sad

The 62-year-old actress does not reveal much about the ongoing proceedings, so she does not reveal which side she is on. However, she makes it clear that what is currently happening between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard just makes her sad. “All I can say about this process is that it breaks my heart for everyone involved,” told Entertainment Tonight. She also hopes that everything can be resolved quickly. “I wish everyone the best,” she clarifies.

Jennifer Gray on Johnny Depp: “This man saved me”

But the harsh words in her book at least suggest that Jennifer Gray still harbors grudges against her ex-fiancé, right? Not really. Because in the interview on the American talk show she describes the relationship with Johnny Depp at the time: “We were young … for me this guy was the answer to all my problems”. Gray was involved in a tragic car accident the year before, just prior to her breakthrough role in the iconic film Dirty Dancing. Her boyfriend at the time, Matthew Broderick, was behind the wheel, killing two women.

At this difficult time in her life, Johnny Depp was just the thing. “He was sweet, and loving, and romantic, and crazy about me, and beautiful,” she recalled in the interview. “I was bleeding inside and this man saved me and helped me not to feel what I felt then,” she continues.

Johnny Depp and Jennifer Grey: Their love story ended after only nine months

Unfortunately, the two actors, who got engaged after just two weeks of dating, ended their head-over-heels love story after just nine months. The 80s star describes the long-distance relationship with Johnny Depp in her book: “Johnny had to commute between Vancouver and Los Angeles every week. Unfortunately, he slipped more and more: fights in bars, arguments with the police, which is why he increasingly flew to Missed LA because he overslept or if he came home he was insanely jealous and paranoid which I was doing the whole time he was gone,” she writes. She suspects the source of his bad mood and unhappiness was that he felt terrible and powerless at having to leave the TV series 21 Jump Street. Johnny Depp’s representatives have yet to comment on inquiries from Entertainment Tonight.

Johnny Depp named the behavior of his Ex Amber Heard as “the performance of a lifetime”. He doesn’t seem entirely wrong with that, as even the looks of the 36-year-old aren’t left to chance during the process, as you can see in the video below.

Similar looks, imitated gestures: she copies him in court

Similar looks, imitated gestures: Amber Heard copies Johnny Depp in court
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