Dirty Harry, dirtier than ever

Prince Harry’s memoirs, titled The Alternate in French, are about to be published under high tension. On the program: self-directed missiles on his brother and cash and trash anecdotes.

He had promised that he would address everything. And we didn’t believe it. Because he had already pledged to tell everything in the Harry & Meghan documentary (released with great fanfare on Netflix in December), and that we ended up with six cutesy episodes, so we expected a boring pavement, at best a new hagiography of Meghan, the perfect but misunderstood and insulted wife. But here it is: with Spare (The Alternate in VF), his memoirs to be published on January 10, we find ourselves with the firebrand of a martyr way The Good Son (with William as the “bad guy”, played by Macaulay Culkin).

He had promised that he would address everything. And that was an understatement. The one the tabloids have long dubbed “Dirty Harry” on its scandalous front pages attacks, scratches, and will undoubtedly leave some scars. In an extract from the memoirs obtained by the Guardian preview, it was first learned that Harry had ‘scrapes and bruises’ a violent fight with his brother. “(William) grabbed me by the collar, ripping my collar, and knocked me to the ground,” the 38-year-old prince said in an excerpt. dallasas harsh as it is grotesque: “I landed on the dog’s bowl, which broke under my back, the pieces cut into me”.

Will, “choleric and vicious”

First news: Prince William is not the ideal son-in-law (and therefore bald) that you all imagined. Will is angry. But he is also vicious when he encourages Harry, who is “only” 20 years old, to wear this unfortunate Nazi costume which will make the headlines of the tabloids in 2005. According to the extracts that was able to obtain the american daily Page Six , the innocent Harry was originally hesitating between two costumes: a pilot disguise or this Nazi uniform. “I phoned Willy and Kate, and asked them what they thought. “Nazi uniform!”, They replied”, justifies the Duke of Sussex, as an unfortunate victim…

He had promised that he would address everything. And we would have liked less. Memoirs oblige – perhaps? -, the “substitute” wanted to tell about the day he lost his virginity at 17, in a field behind a crowded pub. “A humiliating episode with an older woman who loved “macho horses(which we dare not translate into French, editor’s note) and who treated me like a young stallion”, he relates, spinning an equine metaphor of dubious taste. Did he need to add the sequel (“I brought her up quickly, after which she spanked me and sent me away”)?.. But we wanted it all, so we’ll get it all. And even his frostbitten penis on Kate and William’s wedding day, which appeared after a 200-mile (321 km) charity trek in the Arctic. In his book, it seemed useful to Harry to recall that on the eve of the royal union, “the ears and the cheeks were on the mend, my tail was not. (written “todger” in English slang, editor’s note)“. charming.

Next, the moments when he says he “of course” took cocaine from the age of 17, and when he writes that he was afraid that Camilla would become a “wicked stepmother” – in addition to the cruel incident of collar-pulling of william – serve as nice episodes of gossip girl. To wonder if, three days before the release of the book, Harry has not succeeded in being more vulgar than martyr. To wonder also, what he could say worse, in (all) the pages that remain for us to read.

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Source- https://madame.lefigaro.fr/celebrites/actu-people/dirty-harry-plus-dirty-que-jamais-20230106