discover their 27-year-old daughter Laëtitia

This Wednesday, May 11, 2022, it was two birthdays in one for Laurence Ferrari. Indeed, the first, that of his former companion and father of his daughter, Thomas Hugues, who was celebrating his 56th birthday. The second, that of their daughter in common, Laëtitia Hugues, who celebrated her 27th birthday. But, who is Laurence Ferrari’s daughter? We share with you in this article his identity and his personality. One thing is certain, she is indeed the daughter of her parents, both physically and professionally… She is literally following in their footsteps in the profession…

Laurence Ferrari and Thomas Hugues: their daughter follows their professional paths

This Wednesday, May 11, 2022, the ex of Laurence Ferrari blew out his 56 candles while their daughter blew out her 27 candles. But who is she really? The young girl is passionate about the audiovisual sector and wishes to pursue a career in the world of images. She makes documentaries and she already has a production company called Poppy Prod. She works daily with two friends. Thus, she is not so far from the universe of her two parents who separated in 2007.

A promising future in the audiovisual sector for the daughter of Laurence Ferrari

Here is the presentation of Laurence Ferrari’s daughter, Laëtitia Hugues, on the account instagram of Poppy Prod. It is certain, the description says a lot about the strong temperament of the young girl. ” A third of our trio, Laetitia is our talented director, videographer and video editor. Traveling the world, she is passionate about filming people and their stories“, can we read about the offspring of the two known journalists.

It is obvious that when you are the daughter of two television stars of the 2000s, you arrive in the business with good cards in hand. Indeed, according to the photos that can be seen on the Web, the daughter of Laurence Ferrari seems to enjoy life through travels in the company of her boyfriend. An openness to the world that allows him to bring a fresh eye to his work.

The couple have always taken their children to their place of work

Obviously, this taste for the image comes from his parents, Laurence Ferrari and Thomas Hugues. Indeed, parents have never hesitated to take their children, Laëtitia and Baptiste, everywhere on television or radio sets. Indeed, the toddlers participated a lot in their professional daily life. For example, Thomas Hugues came with his children to the set of seven to eight when they hosted the show with his girlfriend Laurence Ferrari. ” It happened to them to frolic in the decor (…) and in control“, he remembers with one of our colleagues. Beautiful memories that gave birth to a passion in the young girl. As for Baptiste Hugues, he also remained in this world by becoming a sound engineer. ” They are still a little behind the camera, but not necessarily in front“, concludes the journalist who now works on the channel LCP.

Laurence Ferrari’s mother committed suicide…

The mother and the daughter are very accomplices. Thus, Laurence Ferrari took her daughter under her wing to take her to the Césars in 2019. At the moment, the young woman is working on a personal documentary. Indeed, the filmmaker is interested in the suicide of her maternal grandmother. This is Bernadette, the mother of Laurence Ferrari. When she ended her life, Laëtitia was just 22 years old. A terrible trauma for the whole family. But, Laurence Ferrari did not hesitate to talk about it with his daughter. During an interview for Paris Matchin 2018, she explained that she had authorized Laëtitia to make a film on this subject for him “ allow us to understand a little better who [elle était]“. The documentary was dubbed The Absent in which the family recounts this family drama.