Discover this MIRACLE food that reduces cholesterol and hunger by 35%!

If you’re looking for a cholesterol remedy, you’ve come to the right place. This ingredient is just awesome!

All about this miraculous food against cholesterol

They are small, but strong! Indeed, in the large family of dried fruits, pine nuts have many qualities, including that of improving your health. Whatever happens, we love to eat a handful during, before and after meals. In the south of France, and more specifically in Nice, it is the star. Called pistou, the recipe for this has been around the world. Sure, the Italians would tell you that it looks a lot like pesto. However, if you use it frequently in your menus, you have a good chance of lowering your cholesterol! So, what are you waiting for to take the plunge? Read the results of our investigations. They are worth their weight in peanuts… uh no pine nuts!

Nutrients Galore

By peeling this dry fruit under the microscope, we notice that it has two kinds of omega. Both 3s and 6s have a huge impact on your blood tests. By making the comparison with the previous ones, we realize that the bad cholesterol level disappears in favor of the good one. We congratulate you. This means that you are attentive to all the advice ofObjeko !

But that’s not the only health benefit of pine nuts. Vitamin E and zinc help support the functioning of your heart. With them in the equation, the worries of clogged arteries, tension or cholesterol, they will only be a distant memory! Phew, honor is safe!

How to manage your blood sugar?

Sugar has a bad reputation these days. Often hidden in salty foods (no, you’re not dreaming), we eat them without knowing it of our own free will. It is a tragedy for diabetics. As a result, they get into the habit of deciphering the labels of their favorite supermarket products. They must constantly pay attention to the glycemic index. Have you guessed where our team is coming from? With an excellent result of 15, pine nuts reduce the chances of developing this pathology by 40%. Obviously, if the origin of your disease is genetic, it is another debate. But you can always try to talk to your nutritionist! Concerned about your health, but also your cholesterol, he will give you his opinion on the dried fruit.

block hunger

Transit is an essential step to feel good about yourself and your body. When he goes haywire, nothing is going right in his daily life. In multiple articles, Objeko tells you how to easily improve it. Given the calories or lipids (fats) present in a processed food, we should be more wary of it. Those who have bad cholesterol have had a painful experience of it. Also, pine nuts act like superheroes on your body.

The art or the way of tasting them

At last, Objeko would like to give you some ideas for lowering your cholesterol. In starchy foods, your starters or gratins, we love this little gourmet and crunchy side! Thank you Cyril Lignac, we love this expression! From now on, as soon as we talk about ingredients that have this kind of texture, we will use it galore!

After olive oil, which is out of stock, why not replace it with pine nut oil? Yes, those who also take a treatment against bad cholesterol find it an excellent compromise! This time, there will be no more unpleasant surprises at the supermarket! It’s really good for keeping your health intact!

To conclude this survey in style, we provide you with the quantity of pine nuts to eat on a daily basis. It takes about 30 grams to stay in shape. First, in beverages like mint tea, they provide extra flavor. As for pastries, they are able to replace sugar. It’s simple, easy and fun. In other words, to try them is necessarily to adopt them!