Disfigured and alone: ​​After abusing surgeries and Televisa’s veto, actress appears in ‘Ventaneando’

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Mexico City.- A famous Mexican exvedette, who was for years in Televisa where did it come from vetoed by supposed orders of an executive and ended with the disfigured faceit appears in windowing and recounts his ordeal.

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Is about Merle Uribe, actress and singer famous in the 70’s and 80’s for her beautiful voice and important performances in the film of files. According to what she learned, years ago she was banned from Televisa, presumably by order of the executive Victor Hugo O’Farril.

As will be remembered, Merle suffered a strong infection on the face due to bacteriumwhich distorted his features. In addition, she underwent several surgeries that ended up leaving her unrecognizable and “disfigured”.

The Mexican singer and actress appeared on the program Aztec TV Well, he shared how the recent stroke who lived on behalf of one of her neighbors after going to live outside CDMX almost 3 years ago due to the problems he had with his son.

In an exclusive interview for Pati Chapoy and her team, Merle explained that she experienced a nightmare when sustaining an altercation with a woman who lives in the same subdivision. The actress shared photos of her where they show her with terrible injuries on both arms.

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Merle mentioned that she was walking your pets when suddenly the aggression happened: “I took my puppies out to my garden, which is my property. At that moment a lady passed by and the youngest puppy who is 13 years old, has almost no teeth, can’t even jump, is very old. .. well he barked at him”.

She said she bit her son but the puppy can’t get into a stroller to sleep if it’s small. She was annoyed by the barking of the dog. When I saw he was already insulting me. She grabbed my hands and started to twist me like a body hand but here I have the fingers of how she made me “.

The actress said that the 34-year-old woman attacked her “9 days and the wounds do not close“. He also explained that he left serious marks, because his skin is thin, being an older adult. At that time broke down crying and said:

I am 66 years old, obviously my skin is not the same nor my strength as when you are 30. An assault on an elderly woman is very punishable and is a serious crime.

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She called the owner, Claudia ‘N’, and her tenant, Laura ‘N’, because she says she hasn’t been able to sleep well because she’s terrified because she lives alone.

The first few days I couldn’t even sleep because of the fear that he would enter my house and I feel very vulnerable (…) They take advantage of the fact that I live alone and I have no one to defend me, “he said through tears.

Fortunately, a neighbor captured some images of the assault and that is why he was able to file a complaint with the authorities. Deeply affected, she shared that she was very upset by the time the Policeman.

I had a bad heart, I have tachycardia. They took me to the Prosecutor’s Office and I filed the complaint. When the forensic doctor saw how she was holding her hand, she told me that it would not heal in 15 days. This is a serious crime and can be jailed.”

Finally, she announced that if anything happens to her or one of her pets, holds her alleged aggressor responsible:

I don’t know what could happen but I want to say to the media and Ventaneando that if something happens to me or my pets or my house, I blame her; of hurting me and hurting later because right now she hasn’t come because she has a 100-meter restraining order,” she said through tears.

Moment from minute 26:40 of the video:

Source: Ventaneando YouTube channel