Disfigured and in ruin: Televisa vetoes hostess; TV Azteca does not hire her either and flees from Mexico

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Mexico City.- the channel of Youtube chacaleo reported that a controversial driver I would be thinking about leave Mexico after learning that supposedly Televisa, Aztec TV and other television stations do not want to hire her after her recent scandals.

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It is about the controversial Peruvian lawyer Laura Bozzowho after spending several months fugitive for his millionaire debt to SAT he declared himself bankrupt and assured that he had run out of all his savings and material goods.

chacaleo assured yesterday Sunday that the woman of 69 yearswhom they point to disfigure with surgeriesthe doors would be practically closed in Mexico because in the San Ángel company they had already warned him that they would not give him a job again.

The national television stations have vetoed her and that has forced her to look for work outside of Mexico, it is now definitive that nobody wants her to work with them,” they assured.

While on television Ricardo Salinas Pliego They wouldn’t want her for “treacherous” and they don’t forget that Bozzo tore them to pieces and spoke bad things about them when he joined the ranks of Televisa.

No one has requested his professional services… on Televisa they have already taken away his badge because they are not interested in having someone in their ranks who is a fugitive from justice and TV Azteca is in the same case because Bozzo’s name is tainted after confronting Pati Chapoy“.

They also point out that in TV picture presumably they also already decided not to give it a chance due to its bad reputation. Meanwhile in Telemundo “They do not decide” to give him a contract since they fear that the United States authorities will not allow him to enter the country due to his recent legal issues.

In this way, the presenter of Laura uncensored She would be about to leave Mexico and because she was desperate, she would try to return to television in her native country Peru.

Vetoed by the main television stations in Mexico, now Bozzo is considering returning to his country of origin but it is not easy for him because he has a terrible reputation there, “they concluded.

It should be noted that neither the aforementioned television stations nor the lawyer herself have confirmed this information, for which they are only speculations.

Source: YouTube Chacaleo