dishwasher, writer or singing teacher for girls?

Sergio Andrade’s life after being released from prison has been a mystery.

He has made some public appearances such as those in 2010, when he offered some interviews to present new record material and announce a film about his life, but around the producer there are questions that are difficult to unravel.

In one of those interviews conducted 12 years ago, Andrade told Univisión that his income was transparent.

“I live off my royalties from books and songs, I’m very happy to have royalties from songs like Suavemente, Tiempos mejor, I collect royalties for my songs, I collect royalties from my books and that’s what I’ve lived on.”

However, on other occasions he has assured that he actually works in a restaurant. “I always liked gastronomy,” Andrade declared, even assuring that his work in that place included washing dishes.

Sergio Andrade was released from prison in 2007 and the little that is known about his family life is that he dedicates himself to the care and education of his daughters.

In an investigation by Jorge Carbajal for his channel En Shock, four years ago the interior of the house that Andrade and Trevi shared in Cuernavaca, in the Burgos subdivision, was shown.

On that occasion, Carbajal assured that Andrade is still the owner of the property and that it was for sale for 420,000 dollars, although given the impossibility of completing the sale, it was rented for 25,000 pesos a month.

The most recent information on Andrade’s activity was released on the “First Hand” program, where it was assured that the producer had opened a school to give singing classes to girls.

On his YouTube channel, his appearances were sporadic over the past decade, but even his Twitter account has since disappeared.

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