Disiz lands a gold single for his track “Rencontre”, in collaboration with Damso

This is the first gold disc that the artist receives in the era of streaming after more than 20 years of career.

It is a consecration for Disiz. “I’ll never be in hess again”, he sings on the title Meet, featuring Belgian rapper Damso. Like a premonition, the artist from Amiens has just won thanks to this piece the first golden single – or 15,000,000 equivalent streams – of his career (in the era of streaming) after more than 20 years in music.

In the past, the artist has already managed to reach this impressive milestone thanks to the single I freak outreleased in 2000 but, not being registered in the SNEP database, the title never obtained certification.

Featured on Disiz’s latest album, Loveunveiled on March 18, the track Meet has been a real hit since its release. In one week, it was the most listened to title on Spotify and now has more than 14 million plays on the music streaming platform.

At the beginning of April, the piece composed by Prinzly, Lucasv and Augustin Charnet also took first place in the SNEP Top Single with 3.1 million equivalent streams, first place that the title still occupies today.

A viral piece on TikTok

This dazzling success, Disiz owes it in particular to TikTok. Since its release, Meet is gone viral on the platform, which made it possible to inflate the listening figures of the title. A clever advertisement, since the gimmick “Yeah but I’m happy” sung by Disiz in the song, has been listened to millions of times on the social network.

The artist even took the opportunity to surf the trend and publish his own video, accompanied by his daughter, on his TikTok accountspecially created for the occasion.

Source- https://www.bfmtv.com/people/musique/disiz-decroche-un-single-d-or-pour-son-morceau-rencontre-en-collaboration-avec-damso_AN-202204250571.html