Disney and Pixar will show their first lesbian couple in ‘Lightyear’

On March 9, a group of entertainers from pixar sent an incendiary letter against Disney —factory that absorbed them more than a decade ago— in which he accused them of biasing and vetoing the appearance of LGBT+ characters in their films. A controversial accusation that came to prove what had been known for years: the mouse house does not dare to give visibility to the aforementioned community. Now, in an unprecedented act in which they have backed down greatly, according to the media ‘Variety’, the film ‘Lightyear’ will present their first lesbian relationship. And although this had already received the green light for a long time, the novelty is that they would have been encouraged to include in the footage the first kiss between these two girls —scene that until the issuance of the statement by Pixar and the subsequent commotion had been eliminated—.

This is quite a milestone, considering that it is the first openly LGBT+ show of affection that Disney allows in one of its main characters. In that case it will be Hawthorne (dubbed in English by actress Uzo Aduba), who will have an openly lesbian relationship with another girl we still don’t know about. The main story will revolve around Buzz Lightyear, an endearing character from the ‘Toy Story’ saga, who will now have his own movie in which we will learn more about his intergalactic origins. The actor who voices the protagonist in the original version of him will be the handsome Chris Evans.

a scene from 'lightyear', which will hit our theaters this month of June

A scene from ‘Lightyear’, which will hit our theaters this June.


The other Pixar attempts that failed

And although this kiss will be a revolution in the animation industry, the truth is that this small step has already been tried many times without much success on the part of Pixar. In the letter that the employees published after receiving constant no’s from Disney, it says: “We’ve tried for years to incorporate LGBT+ identities into our films, in big and small ways, though our efforts have consistently ended in frustration.”. A recent example of this failure could have been the movie ‘Red’, which was apparently intended to present the first transsexual character in animation from the Pixar and Disney binomial. However, in the end it did not happen.

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Hopefully, ‘Lightyear’ may be the platform on which we can see once and for all the LGBT+ taboos that the mouse house has dragged on have been broken once and for all. Other examples of films that were rumored to have an inclusive theme were ‘Luca’ (2021), ‘Frozen 2’ (2019) and ‘Soul’ (2020), leaving everything in a mere attempt to explicitly incorporate the community that has spent years demanding a presence in this type of family film. Now, finally, something has changed.

‘Lightyear’ will be released in our theaters on June 17.

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