Disney +: Subscribers are completely unprepared for the announcement

Disney + announces hammer – subscribers shocked: “I’m already crying!”

08/18/2022 at 10:42 p.m

Disney +: This is what the streaming giant offers its fans

Disney +: This is what the streaming giant offers its fans

The Disney Plus streaming service has also been available in Germany for over two years. Disney, Pixar and Star Wars fans will get their money’s worth here. We’ll show you what the streaming giant has to offer.

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Get out the tissues! At the customers of Disney+ there will be some tears at the beginning of this week.

But not because a series is discontinued or is not offered by Disney+ disappears, but because there are new consequences. Well, do you have any idea?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Finale is available now on Disney+

We are of course talking about the highly emotional hospital series “Grey’s Anatomy”. For more than 18 seasons, the drama at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital has thrilled viewers.

However, it is a sad Monday morning for the fans in Germany. The last episode for the time being will go online on August 15th. The season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” is available from 9 sharp.

So that none of the fans miss the release, the streaming provider draws attention to the novelty the evening before. Instead of great excitement and euphoria, however, one emotion in particular spreads in the comments: sadness.


This is Grey’s Anatomy:

  • The hospital series premiered on March 27, 2005 on ABC
  • The action takes place at the fictional “Seattle Grace Hospital” and describes the lives of the residents employed there
  • Grey’s Anatomy has two spin-off series: Private Practice and Seattle Firefighters
  • Season 19 was announced in January 2022
  • You can see the complete series on Disney+ – the cost of a subscription is 8.99 euros per month or 89.90 euros per year


Disney+ announces Grey’s Anatomy season finale – fans aren’t ready for it

Anyone who knows the hospital series well knows that the final episodes in particular are emotional. Anything is possible in Grey’s Anatomy: from a catastrophe à la plane crash to the sudden death of a beloved character in an accident.

That’s why the viewers seem to be really afraid of the new episode. “Oh no,” a woman commented, followed by howling emojis on Facebook. Another writes: “I’m already crying!”

Numerous fans link their friends under the announcement, often in combination with sad emojis or comments like “It’s just so far”. One can only hope that they will not be disappointed in the end.


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Meanwhile, a crazy fan theory about the possible ending of “Grey’s Anatomy” goes viral. The finale should break the hearts of Disney+ customers.