Disney +: ‘The Salvador Brothers’ is now available, a series full of magic and special effects

CDMX.- Alexander Sugich producer, director and writer known for Casi Treinta, “Los Jefes”, “Prometo no Enamorarme”, among other projects, now he is part of the series “The Savior Brothers” that highlights Mexican creativity in special effects and the magic of a story.

Alexander Sugich was director of 6 of the 10 episodes of this series, the first Mexican fiction series on the Disney+ platform that premiered on March 23.

Alexander Sugich. Photo: Courtesy

The story revolves around the savior brothers in his attempt to recapture the lost glory of his unique antique shop. The fate of the family legacy depends on the ability of the quintet of Salvador brothers to put aside their differences, learn to work as a team and thus manage to restore the forgotten charm of that intriguing antique store that contains much more than objects from past times. .

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Alejandro directing in pandemic. Photo: Courtesy

In parallel, they must deal with the adventures of the Quiroga brothers, a very particular family that has

as a mission to end the Salvador store forever, triggering a series of fun and tangled supernatural adventures.

It’s a story where they have to work out their differences, save the store and bring it back to those glory days they once had. It is a comedy, a fantasy for the whole family, full of intricacies, with special effects”, said the filmmaker.

The hardest

For Alejandro, the complicated part of the production was working in a pandemic and avoiding contagion during filming.

We invested a lot of money in protecting the casting, the crew, so that no one would get infected. Directing actors with a mask, and it is the strongest challenge. We managed to ensure that no one was infected for 14 weeks, which was pre-production. I think we did very well.”

They are 10 episodes of 30 minutes, that represent the effort to carry out projects that make people forget the reality of this time.

The Salvador Brothers is now available on Disney+. Photo: Courtesy

For the creator, Mexico is taking ground in terms of special effects and productions in Spanish.

Mexico is now in the lead, the platforms have taken Mexico as the epicenter of content generation in Spanish; many foreign productions come here; It has a golden film heritage. We have the best photographers in the world, and it is an industry of many years, I am happy to be part of this industry”, he concluded.

The series is available on Disney +, and promises fun family moments.

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