Dispute on the anniversary of the Queen’s death: Harry is said to have been beside himself

Quarrel on the anniversary of the Queen’s death
Harry is said to have been beside himself

What happened behind the scenes in the British royal family surrounding the death of Queen Elizabeth II? This continues to fuel speculation. Now there are rumors of a heated argument. Involved in him: Harry, William and Charles.

The fact is: When Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8th, Prince Harry did not make it to Balmoral, Scotland, in time to say goodbye to his grandmother in person. It is also a fact: At first it was said that he and his wife Meghan left together for the dying monarch. Only shortly afterwards was it corrected that he had set off on his own after all.

Just like Prince William, who also traveled to Scotland without his wife Kate. In this case, however, unlike Meghan, who would not have prevented anything from accompanying her husband, there was an understandable reason: Kate wanted to stay with her children, who had their first day of school in Windsor on September 8th.

William also only reached the Queen’s deathbed after her death. He did, however, get to Balmoral earlier than Harry, having taken an earlier flight to Aberdeen than his brother, along with his uncles Andrew and Edward. He would not have had to discuss the plane, which Harry would have actually reached, with his father Charles about the possible entrainment of Meghan. At least that’s what “The Sun” is now reporting, citing insider information and writing in connection with a violent argument that is said to have happened behind the scenes.

No dinner with Charles and William

It had previously been rumored that Charles allegedly didn’t want his son’s wife to be with him at his mother’s deathbed. As “The Sun” now writes, today’s king called Harry “not appropriate” to have Meghan with him in Balmoral.

An unnamed source was quoted by The Sun as saying: “Harry was so busy trying to figure out how to get Meghan to Balmoral and fighting with his family that he missed the flight.” He blamed his family for the fact that his chance of seeing the Queen alive had dropped so much. What’s more, the Queen’s death was announced to the world while it was still on the plane – it only landed in Aberdeen 15 minutes after the official announcement.

Harry was so upset by the situation that he refused to have dinner with his father and brother, it said. Instead he dined with Andrew, Edward and his wife Sophie. “It was a violent affront. And he left Balmoral at the earliest opportunity to take the first scheduled flight back to London,” The Sun quoted her informant as saying.

In fact, Harry left the family circle after just twelve hours in Balmoral. Pictures released by the British press showed him leaving the castle in Scotland alone in the back seat of a car the morning after the Queen’s death. His head was bowed, his face partially covered by a hand. Shortly thereafter, he also boarded the plane alone, which took him back to London and Meghan.