Dispute with Pietro Lombardi now shamelessly public: Oliver Pocher makes fun of the offspring

Pietro Lombardi has become a father again. Oliver Pocher doesn’t seem to have noticed anything about that. The comedian also did not comment on the DSDS juror’s baby contributions: Is the only friendship between the two finally over?

Cologne – The baby of Pietro Lombardi (30) and Laura Maria Rypa (26) has been in the world for about two weeks. After the DSDS juror had to leave an event surprisingly quickly, the rumor mill about the birth of his second son ran hot. About a week later, the singer contacted his fans with the happy message and has been collecting thousands of congratulations from celebrity colleagues and fans ever since. But one person doesn’t seem to have noticed all the hustle and bustle: Oliver Pocher (44).

Oliver Pocher makes fun of Pietro Lombardi’s offspring

In their podcast “Die Pochers”, Amira and her husband talk about DSDS and the current sexism scandal by Dieter Bohlen (68). Amira takes the opportunity to congratulate Pietro Lombardi. Oliver Pocher ironically asks: “Did he have a child?” Pocher seems annoyed that Laura and Pietro are spreading the birth of their child in the media to get attention. Pocher recently repeatedly criticized mothers who showed up with their children on Instagram and thus dragged the offspring into the public eye.

Oliver Pocher didn’t notice anything about the birth of Pietro’s son

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“But he keeps that completely secret on social media, right? No, that just went completely under the radar,” Pocher ironically adds. It seems as if there is still thick air between Pietro Lombardi and the Pochers. Also possible: Amira and Oliver Pocher, like everyone else, found out about the birth from the press and feel ignored.

Even if the baby was born earlier, Pietro only posted the first family photo on January 21st. The Pochers even commented on this with “Finally!!!”. In the podcast, however, they don’t seem to know anything about the birth. Amira and Oliver Pocher may have recorded their podcast beforehand and therefore did not hear the news yet.

Dispute between Pietro Lombardi and the Pochers: what is it about?

Ever since the Pochers moved out of Pietro Lombardi’s house, there has been a crisis between them. In their podcast, Oliver and Amira occasionally attack the singer and his girlfriend a little. Laura Maria Rypa doesn’t even listen to the Pochers podcast, as she revealed on Instagram: “I don’t have to say anything about it. Everyone has their own opinion of what they think of people, and so do I.” The statement suggests that the two couples are still at odds with each other. Exact reasons for a dispute remain unclear.

Fling with consequences: the illegitimate children of celebrities

Jazmin Grace, Anna Ermakowa and Gloria Burda (photomontage)
After an illegitimate fling, many a celebrity had one more child (photomontage) © ZUMA Wire/APress/SKATA/Imago
Anna Ermakowa with her mother
Anna Ermakowa, pictured here as a child in 2007 with her mother Angela, made all sorts of headlines in the tabloid media in the course of Boris Becker’s “broom closet affair”. © Tillmann/Imago
Anna Ermakowa at the premiere for the presentation of the new campaign by household goods manufacturer WMF on April 12, 2022 in Munich
Initially, Boris Becker had denied the affair with the Russian model Angela Ermakowa, but a paternity test in 2001 brought certainty © APress/Imago
Boris Becker, next to his daughter Anne Ermakowa (photomontage)
A certain resemblance between the tennis star and the model born in 2000 cannot be denied (photomontage) © iImages/APress/Imago
Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco at the first presentation of their twins
Prince Albert II and his Charlène proudly showed off their twins in 2015. For his wife it was the first child happiness, but the head of the Grimaldi family became a father for the first time in 1992 © Peter Seyfferth/Imago
February 6, 2020, Los Angeles, California, United States: Hollywood for the Global Ocean Gala
His daughter Jazmin Grace came out of an affair with the Californian waitress Tamara Rotolo. She is said to have visited her father for the first time in Monaco at the age of eleven. The Monegasque prince officially acknowledged his illegitimate daughter in 2006 © ZUMA Wire/Imago
Alexandre Grimaldi Coste and Jazmin Grace
Jazmin Grace also has an illegitimate half-brother: Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste was born in 2003. His mother Nicole Coste was in a relationship with Prince Albert II for six years. However, the two half-siblings get along great, as various Instagram snapshots show © Screenshot/Instagram/Jazmin Grace
Arrivee d’Alain Delon NEWS : Obseques de Jean Paul Belmondo – Paris
The relationship between acting icon Alain Delon and his illegitimate son is far less familiar: while Delon was still with Romy Schneider, the Frenchman is said to have had an affair with German actress Nico © PanoramiC/Imago
Christian Aaron Boulogne aka Ari Paffgen
Christian Aaron Boulogne aka Ari Päffgen does not have a good relationship with his famous father. His mother adopted his illegitimate son anyway. Alain Delon then broke off contact with her © Screenshot/YouTube/Jenny Bel’Air – La Diva des années Palace
Horst Seehofer, next to him his illegitimate daughter Anna-Felicia Fröhlich with mother Anette (photomontage)
In 2007, Horst Seehofer caused a real scandal: the former interior minister fathered a child with his lover Anette Fröhlich. Anna-Felicia Fröhlich (here at the President’s summer party in 2009) is now in her teens © newspix/Eventpress/Imago
Mick Jagger knighted
Mick Jagger, as befits a true rock star, was not a child of sadness either: in 1970, the Rolling Stones singer got pregnant actress Marsha Hunt, who nine months later gave birth to daughter Karis (r.). © Matthew Fearn/dpa
Mick Jagger knighted
Mick Jagger (here in 2003, when Queen Elizabeth II knighted him) didn’t want to admit his mistake at first. The court fought for nine years, and the rock musician finally recognized his daughter (2nd from right). © Mike Moore/dpa
Luciana Gimenez with son Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger at the premiere of the movie Get on Up
Jagger is even a repeat offender: In 1999 he got model Luciana Morad pregnant, who gave birth to his illegitimate son Lucas Maurice. A DNA test quickly brought certainty © Future Image/Imago
Arnold Schwarzenegger, next to his former housekeeper Mildred Baena (photomontage)
Mildred Baena, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former housekeeper, caused the actor’s marriage to Maria Shriver to fall apart in 2011. She revealed that Schwarzenegger once got her pregnant © Cover Images/UPI Photo/Imago
01 August 2022 – Los Angeles, California – Joseph Baena. Los Angeles Premiere Of Columbia Pictures Bullet Train Westwood
The action star’s fling gave birth to his son Joseph Baena in 1997. He is now also active as a bodybuilder and would like to follow in his father’s footsteps in Hollywood © ZUMA Wire/Imago
Hanover pop singer Udo Jürgens concert in the TUI Arena from 21 December 2014
Schlager and music star Udo Jürgens (†) was the father of two illegitimate daughters… © localpic/Imago
Sonja Juergens arriving for the Berlin premiere of The ADDAMS FAMILY at Admiralspalast in Berlin
Sonja Jürgens was born in 1966. “I inherited the joy of partying, the fun of it, from him. And the extreme love of freedom, which sometimes causes me big problems, especially in relationships. I often discussed it with Udo,” she revealed in the Berliner Zeitung in 2006 © APP-Photo/Imago
Premiere I’ve never been to New York Vienna Raimundtheater 17 03 2010 Udo Jürgen’s daughter Gloria
In 1994, Udo Jürgen’s second illegitimate daughter, Gloria Burda, was born. “Not only do I inherit my looks from him, but also some qualities,” she revealed in a Bunte interview. Jürgens acknowledged paternity in 1995 © SKATA/Imago
Heinrich Prince of Hanover, his ex Désirée Nick and their son
Before Heinrich Prince of Hanover tied the knot, he had a secret fling with entertainer Désirée Nick. From the illegitimate son Oscar (now Oscar Prince of Hanover) emerged. “I had to fight for alimony and a birth certificate in court,” revealed his prominent mother once on bild.de © HMB-Media/Imago & Screenshot/Instagram/Désirée Nick
Aug 01, 2007 – Los Angeles, CA, USA – MELANIE BROWN aka Mel B or Scary Spice of the Spice Girls
This case also dealt with a court: Spice Girl Mel B gave birth to daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown on her 46th birthday. The father was none other than Hollywood icon Eddie Murphy, she reported at the time © ZUMA Wire/Imago
Eddie Murphy next to Mel B with their daughter (photomontage)
Eddie Murphy initially denied the rumour: “I don’t know whose child this is until it comes out and a blood test is done. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions.” A court-ordered DNA test then brought certainty: Angel Iris Murphy Brown is the daughter of the “Beverly Hills Cop” star © YAY Image/APress/Imago

The fact that Pietro does not then inform his former landlord Oliver Pocher about the birth of his son does not make the situation any better. A few days ago, the Pochers were still in court because of Pietro Lombardi. Someone broke into the singer’s house when Oliver and Amira were staying there. Sources used: Podimo “The Pochers” Episode 46 Karmasutra

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