Dissatisfied Meghan: Does the Duchess not like her own Netflix documentary?

“Harry & Meghan” may well have been the most anticipated documentary about the British royal family that has ever been broadcast. Netflix has landed a huge hit with it, according to their own statements, the scandal-ridden format was streamed in almost 33 million households.

While the palace is silent on the allegations by Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, two camps have formed among the fans: some believe the exile royals, others punish them for lying. But now a journalist explains that the former actress Meghan apparently has a problem with her own documentary.

Duchess Meghan is said not to have been enthusiastic about the final cut version

In the Netflix success, Harry and Meghan settle accounts with the press and unveil the machinations and intrigues hatched behind closed palace doors. However, critics see it as a sophisticated scam for the royal couple’s self-marketing. But did the two actually have a say in how their own documentary was presented? The American celebrity journalist Kinsey Schofield claims to have learned that at least Duchess Meghan should be disappointed with the result.

“Although I agree that they [Prinz Harry und Herzogin Meghan, d.R.] feel it’s important to tell their side of the story, I heard Meghan wasn’t thrilled with the final cut,” the 37-year-old told Fox News According to Schofield, “substance and detail”.

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In fact, it would be conceivable that the two exile royals were not included in the final end product of the Netflix documentary and had no say. After all, they are said to have received a horrendous sum for recordings from the streaming giant.

“Harry & Meghan”: criticism of the false representation of the paparazzi hordes

Even before “Harry & Meghan” was broadcast, the format had been criticized for distorted representations. Scenes with paparazzi hordes were shown in the trailer, which are said to have besieged the prince and the duchess. Shortly after publication, however, it emerged that the images used were from the premiere of a “Harry Potter” film and did not show photographers chasing the best snapshot of the exiled royals.

But Duchess Meghan also caused a stir with her statements that she made in the Netflix documentary. In one scene, the former actress explains that she had no idea how to curtsy. Shortly thereafter, however, pictures circulated on social media showing Prince Harry’s wife correctly curtsy in the “Suits” series.

There will probably be no rest for the scandal-ridden royal couple in the near future. Prince Harry’s biography is scheduled to be released on January 10, 2023 and will most likely make waves in the palace again.

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