Diversify freestyle competitions in Mexico – El Sol de México

After being crowned freestyle champion at the duel of titansJony Beltrán reflects on human talent against the so-called Artificial Intelligence, which today has become very relevant on social networks, due to the photographs generated with this technology.

In an interview, the rapper pointed out that “if you put battles to an Artificial Intelligence, it can learn to spin concepts, but I relate it a bit to this movie of I robot from Will Smith, that sometimes you have to take risks and jump into the void, not so much as a formula. Sometimes those who jump into the void end up giving the super blow ”.

This contest, which was broadcast on Twitch and brought together more than 13,000 viewers, was organized by the Amazon Music Mexico platform, and was hosted by Serko Fu and the Alexa device (which works with Artificial Intelligence). In addition to the musician, Steppenwolf, Ghetto, Zticma, Dominic, Rapder, RC and Yoiker also participated.

The jury was made up of Muelas de Gallo, Dr. Zupreeme, Aczino and Alemán, four already established rappers, who round after round chose their favorite. After almost four hours of competition, during which they faced each other in pairs in different challenges, they finally chose him as the winner.

When asked about how to achieve the mental agility to launch rhymes so quickly, he pointed out that it just takes a lot of practice and consistency.

“I have always said that not so much to start training, but to constantly rap a lot. I hear a beat and I start to rap, I feel that when you stop doing that, you do rust. It’s hard for you to spin words so fast. Magic is that, staying active and doing things, and that’s cool.

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Jony also recognized the work of Amazon in promoting Mexican freestyle, because with so much talent on the streets, he considers it necessary to have a space where the best exponents come together.

“I liked it, it was a very dynamic event and it can be adapted a lot to others like me, who are more into things of charisma or the show, beyond a more technical fart. I felt comfortable and I was able to function, and I faced very good guys in Mexico”.

As a prize, the rapper will perform a song with Amazon Music, and will continue working on his personal projects.