Do Montserrat Bernabeu and Joan Piqué, Gerard Piqué’s parents, want reconciliation? Shakira’s in-laws refuse to meet her son’s new girlfriend because they are not interested in knowing about her | People | Entertainment

The separation between Shakira Y Gerard Piqué is becoming the news source of the entertainment and the entertainment and, of course, it is an issue that does not go unnoticed. Now, it is known that the parents of the soccer player Spanish do not like the idea that their son is definitely separated from the singer Colombian.

In fact, this topic has already gone beyond the mediasince recently during a friendly match between the FC Barcelona Y JuventusPiqué was booed by the fans who shouted the name of the barranquillera.

Piqué’s parents want reconciliation with Shakira

According to a review by El Espectador, everything seems to indicate that the parents of Gerard Piqué, Joan Pique Y Montserrat Bernabéu They do not want another daughter-in-law and will seek an approach between their son and Shakira, since they would not be so resigned to this situation ending completely.

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New information indicates that above all the player’s mother will try to get closer to her now ex-daughter-in-law so that together with Piqué, they try to remedy the situation and not separate, something that would be quite uncomfortable for the Colombian.

It is also said that the soccer player’s parents would have met him to tell him that they are not interested in a new daughter-in-law at all and for this reason, Piqué would have ended up with the alleged 22-year-old girlfriend, with whom he was dating.

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This information would unite Piqué’s parents, with Shakira’s mother, Nidia Ripollwho a few days ago gave a few short statements in which he expressed his hope that his daughter and his former son-in-law would reconcile.

What do Shakira’s in-laws do?

Shakira’s in-laws form a very dear couple in Spain. Joan Pique Y Montserrat Bernabéu have a solid marriage for more than 36 years.

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Joan is a lawyer and heir to a family which has one business processing fiberglass. It is known that he made very good friends with William Mebarak, Shakira’s father, because both have a taste for reading and writing. In fact, in 2011 she released her own book entitled “Two Lives”.

As for Monserrat, she is a doctor who works in the brain damage unit of the Guttman Institute in Barcelona. She is also part of humanitarian works and due to her inheritance, she also plays the role of shareholder of Barcelona. (AND)

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