Do you have an autograph of Vicente Fernández? This is what it can be worth if it is auctioned – El Sol de México

Do you have an autograph of Vicente Fenández? The experts at Morton Auctions can help you define its value.

The specialist Rodrigo Agüero explains that the main factor to value an autograph is the relevance of the author, according to a statement from the auction house, “the signature of Gabriel García Márquez will be worth more than that of Octavio Paz, the autograph of Abraham Lincoln than that of James Buchanan, both presidents of the United States.”

In a statement from the auction house, it is indicated that the condition in which the autograph is found is another factor to consider, “if the support, whether it is paper, vinyl, guitars, or everything where it was signed, has missing, torn or the signature is not fully visible, it can diminish its value”.

In addition, the content is important, not just the signature, “that is, there is greater value in a letter where elements that concern their areas of development are discussed. A letter from Diego Rivera or David Alfaro Siqueiros in which he talks about his pictorial work is worth more than a promissory note issued to a certain gallery,” the statement abounds.

As in all auction pieces, supply and demand are determining factors in establishing the starting and selling price of an object at auction. In the case of autographs, “it is worth noting that if a good is offered on some internet sites at a certain value, it does not mean that it is worth the price offered. If an autograph is offered for 10 thousand pesos, it does not mean that it is worth it, it means that the seller has not yet managed to sell it at the offered price.

If you have autographs and are interested in selling it, the auction house recommends going to its specialists for guidance on its value, since they are the ones who must determine it, since “subjectivity can blind us when assigning a monetary value, for For example, we can consider the grandmother’s signature valuable, however, if our grandmother were Leonora Carrington, Frida Kahlo or Eleanor Roosevelt, that signature could have a considerable monetary value.

Morton will carry out the Rare, Antique and Contemporary Book Auction on March 29, which offers interesting lots, such as the one that includes an album of photographs of personalities from the 1970s, most of them autographed. Among them is the signature and image of Vicente Fernández, Yolanda Montes Tongolelethe Navarro Sisters, Miguel Aceves Mejía, Elsa Aguirre, Celia Cruz, Lucha Villa, Ana Bertha Lepe, Flor Silvestre, Lorenzo de Monteclaro, Manolo Muñoz, and Sonia Furió.

The images are contained in a leather folder and there are a total of 42 pieces. The value of the entire set, which was assigned by the specialists of the auction house, is between 18 thousand and 22 thousand pesos.

Those interested in participating in the auction to buy these signed photographs can leave their offer at, or go to the auction room located at Cerro de Mayka 115, on March 29 at 5:00 p.m.