Do you remember Cristina Saralegui? Videos of the legendary TV star go viral on TikTok

Although in the popular social network there are several videos remembering some episodes of “Cristina’s show”, the Badabun site recalled the story of the legendary presenter, audiovisuals that have now gone viral.

Recently, the renowned Mexican producer Badabun remembered the legendary television presenter Cristina Saralegui, who a few weeks ago reached her 74th birthday, remaining one of the most famous Latin figures of recent decades.

It must be accepted that the new generations did not experience the rise of the host of Cuban origin, but millions of people remember all her programs, the scandals she uncovered and the hundreds of guests she had on her program “El show de Cristina”.

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What many did not know are the details of the personal life of the remembered presenter, many of these were taken up by @badabun on his TikTok, generating millions of reproductions. Below we present fragments of these audiovisuals, which are available on the aforementioned official site.

Badabun published two videos in which he briefly told the story of the Cuban presenter. Illustrative and non-commercial video fragments /

The audiovisual above tells some of the most characteristic and revealing data of this character, who for decades was a friend of the most successful Latin stars of all time.

A little over a year ago, during his 73rd birthday. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image /

His godfather was Don Francisco himself, as explained by the presenter Maggie Magaña, in charge of narrating the two videos about Saralegui.

The driver is still very loved by her audience. Illustrative and non-commercial video fragment /

Many of the secrets and the fate of Cristina Saralegui were revealed in these reports (complete on TikTok) that generated so many memories in all those who saw them.

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“One of the best hosts”, “her program was the best”, “I did not miss that program”, “she will always be the best in this type of program, a pioneer”, “an excellent host with sensitivity, simplicity, humility, humor, charisma”, “I loved watching her program, it’s a shame they ended it”, “I missed her, nobody knows about her, who gives me her Instagram”, “unique, one of the best”, “no one like her, a thousand blessings”, “I loved that show”, “I met her in one of her recordings, an excellent human being, host, journalist, a pity that she disappeared from TV”, were some of the comments that revealed the mark that Cristina left on your audience.