Do you remember the Vázquez Sounds? Her vocalist returned without her brothers!

Three children playing at being artists. This is how Los Vázquez Sounds arose, a trio formed by the brothers Angie, Abelardo Y Gustavo, sons of music producer Abelardo Vázquez who gave in to the wishes of the children to form a musical group.

It was a hit. Angie’s charm to perform “Rolling in the deep”, the hit of the moment of the most successful English pop singer of that 2002, Adeleit was enough for his video to go viral on Youtube and thus, the game became his work.

10 years after that media explosion in which even the most critical of music critics accepted that the brothers had the talent to stand out in music, Angie Vazquez He has decided to go solo.

The group had a few years of hard work and popularity with tours and the release of two albums, “Invincible” and “Phoenix” but since 2019 they had disappeared from the map of fame.

Angie, however, has never doubted her musical vocation and for two years she was determined to prepare her solo release, which is now happening with her first single called “Recuerdo”.

“During 2020, Angie began a new journey in her musical career, beginning to write and compose songs for what will be her first solo debut album,” says a statement from the label that launches it.

“Since then he has experienced a new path, undertaking and taking his own course in search of the musical sound that will define his new stage”.

In the song it is clear that Angie She retains the talent, diction and warmth of the voice that made her popular as a child, although she has obviously evolved.

“It is a song that from the beginning I wanted to capture nostalgia. My goal was to tell a story of a relationship that didn’t work out, a love that was no more, but to remember it in a beautiful way, describing simple moments like seeing the sunrise, dancing with bare feet… very everyday moments. This is how we remember things, in pictures. I wanted to capture that nostalgia for something sad that is nice to remember”.

And his brothers?

Well, since December 2020, each of them decided to take a different path than being part of a band.

Abelardo remains in the music industry but will now follow in his father’s footsteps and has begun to produce music for other singers.

Gustavo, for his part, has found a way to express his creativity in literature, which is why he decided to dedicate himself to writing books.