Do you want to get married and have another child?

Zoraida Gomez and Jorge Torres they were an atypical couple in Inseperables; his idea was never to win, but to live the experience and test his patience and resilience by being locked in a house with other couples. In the fourth week of the program broadcast on channel 5, the actress and her concubine, who does not belong to the artistic world, begged to be eliminated in order to reunite with their little son Max, and now they both tell us about their love life, the upbringing of their firstborn and why they don’t want to come to the altar.

How are the tasks of raising and caring for your child shared? ZORAIDA: As our son was born in a pandemic, we had the opportunity for Jorge to work from home, so most of the time the three of us were at home living together, every day we had breakfast, lunch and dinner together, we both bathed the child, we went out to the patio to play.

And now that we are back to “normal”? ZORAIDA: The dynamic changed because Jorge already leaves home to work, I have rehearsals and theater performances, so we take turns looking after each other. We never leave Max with anyone other than my mother-in-law, who helps us take care of him when we both take care of each other, but we always try to be together.

Do you have wedding plans? GEORGE: At the moment no, it’s not a priority for us, at least not as something as formal as a religious wedding in a church or with a civil judge and all that, maybe we could throw in a symbolic and more intimate ceremony, but we don’t we see at the altar and dressed in white throwing the bouquet.

ZORAIDA: It seems to me that everyone who gets married soon gets divorced, it’s like a curse. I have several friends who have had super beautiful relationships and after they get married, after a few months, they separate; So, I tell Jorge that we shouldn’t get married, because we’re fine, we love each other and because the commitment between the two exists because we have a son.

Would you like to have another child? ZORAIDA: It’s just that it scares me that we’re going to get twins or buddies, no, time isn’t right for that. GEORGE: There is no plan for a little brother for Max, for now the factory is closed with three padlocks.

What did they lack to win Inseperables? ZORAIDA: We had every desire to go out and that was the theme, we accepted the opportunity to participate in a reality show for couples, despite the fact that Jorge does not belong to the artistic medium, and it was difficult to make the decision between the two because we did not know who to leave with. our son Max, who was one year and six months old at the time. Finally we organized ourselves in such a way that we reached an agreement with my mother-in-law to take care of the baby for three weeks because we had a very clear idea in our minds that that was how long we were going to last in the competition, but what we did not know is that everything could change.

In the end, what did you take away from that experience? ZORAIDA: It was like a mini honeymoon, the experience was very cool, but we also ran into different personalities and with different goals, our colleagues couldn’t believe that our goal was to be kicked out because we were going with the plan of having an experience, not winning. . GEORGE: I dared to participate because after spending two years locked up in a pandemic, I wanted to try something different and out of the ordinary with my partner.

Zoraida, how is your mom? Very happy. Every time I take the child to her, her face lights up, she is happy and she is the one who pressures me to have another child, but we already explained all our reasons for not having one right now, so she will continue to insist.