Documentary “Harry & Meghan”: fact check by nobility expert Begasse

  • The Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan” currently determines the royal events.
  • RTL nobility expert Michael Begasse classifies the most explosive statements.
  • In doing so, he exposes several lies.

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From the “Megxit” announcement in January 2020 to the scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021 to the Netflix documentary that started in December 2022 and Harry’s memoir entitled “Spare” (German title : “Reserve”): For three years now, the dispute between Harry and meghan on the one hand and the British royal family on the other hand, the royal and media events.

Netflix documentary with explosives: Which statements are true and which are untrue?

Michael Begasse
RTL aristocracy expert Michael Begasse examined the most explosive statements in the “Harry & Meghan” documentary on Netflix for our editorial staff.

© imago images/Sven Simon/Malte Ossowski

“Nobody knows the truth – except us,” explains the Duke of Sussex in the said “Harry & Meghan” documentary. But is that really true? And did the couple really tell the whole truth on the show? We have Michael Begasse confronted with some of the most explosive statements and asked for his opinions. The result is: According to the recognized RTL nobility expert, there is reason to doubt the truthfulness of some statements by the ex-royals.

Even before the first episodes were broadcast, Begasse had a certain premonition, as he assures us. The reason: “In the first trailer of only 28 seconds, five wrong pictures could be seen.” In addition to photos from a “Harry Potter” premiere in which the couple had not taken part, one image in particular caused disillusionment at Begasse – namely the one where Harry held his hand in front of a camera.

According to the expert, this attitude is many years old. At that time the prince was still with me Chelsy Davy been in a relationship, the scene had nothing to do with Meghan. This short foretaste alone cost the documentary a lot of credibility, as Begasse confirms: “If there are five mistakes in the trailer alone, how many mistakes are there in six episodes of 60 minutes each?”

This is exactly the question our editorial team has been investigating with the nobility expert. Did Harry and Meghan tell the truth or lie to the following statements? Michael Begasse does the check!

The accusation: Meghan was not protected by the Royal Family.

Meghan’s statement: “I was fed to the wolves.”

Begasse says: That’s not entirely true!

“Here we have to distinguish between two levels. When it comes to the question of whether Meghan was protected as a person, for example in the form of police protection, the answer is: definitely yes! And also with a view to attacks from the public or defamation – that’s exactly what I wanted “Well, beyond her – there is no doubt in my mind: she was protected – or not protected – like any other family member. If something is alleged that is not true, the press office reacts and makes it clear. Buckingham Palace also takes legal action, in the recent past, newspapers have been sued.

The difference, however, is that the attacks on Meghan were more intense. There has never been an accusation of racism as she became the first woman of African American descent to become part of the royal family. She had the feeling that she should have been protected more because the attacks were more violent. And I can understand that. So there is something to her accusation – but the royal family did not act out of malice or intent. It acted as it always has.”

The accusation: Meghan was denied psychological help

Meghan’s statement: “I wanted to get help, but I wasn’t allowed. Because what would that look like for the institution?”

Begasse says: Not true!

“It is clear that all royal families have a big problem when it comes to this topic. But: Surprisingly, the first two royals who made it public that they sought psychological help were William and Harry. At this point Meghan unbelievable to me.William and Kate co-founded the “Heads Together” campaign with Harry to advocate for mental health.

Conversely, this means that if Meghan had said that she would like to consult a therapist or coach, both her husband and her brother-in-law and sister-in-law would have been the last to object. You just wouldn’t have hung it up, unlike what’s quite common in Hollywood.”

The accusation: William tied the knot with Kate to ‘fit into the royal mold’

Harry’s statement: “I think for so many people in the family, especially the men, there can be a temptation or an urge to marry someone who fits the mold as opposed to someone you might be dating wants to be. The difference between making decisions with your head or your heart.”

Begasse says: Absurd!

“First of all, I was there for the dream wedding in 2011. Anyone who has not seen that William and Catherine love each other madly has no eyes or no heart. However, Harry’s sentence with the ‘royal form’ is topped by Meghan, who said, that she is the only one who married for love in this royal family, indirectly accusing Kate of only marrying William so that she could become a princess and one day be queen.

That was to be understood as a clear dig at Kate. Why does she presume to doubt the love between William and Kate? Ultimately, that emotional sentence just shows how hurt she is. Meghan is still working on Kate. She’s clearly struggling with the fact that Catherine made it as a commoner in this family and she didn’t.”

The accusation: William was responsible for separate offices

Harry’s statement: “It broke my heart to see my brother’s office copy exactly what we both promised never to do.”

Begasse says: Factually correct!

“Yes, William and Harry’s offices were separated – but for understandable, rational reasons. The structure had to be changed because Harry and Meghan were a second glamor couple. That’s why the press office, in consultation with Charles and William, decided two Making departments out of it. That was thought in the best sense. If the ‘Megxit’ hadn’t existed later, both would have needed their own press people. It’s also about branding, you need the best people and personal confidants at your side.”

The accusation: The 2017 engagement interview was an ‘orchestrated reality show’

Meghan’s statement: “They also said, ‘Then there will be a moment when they want to see the ring, so then show the ring … We weren’t allowed to tell our story because they didn’t want to.”

Harry’s statement: “We were never allowed to tell our story.”

Begasse says: You lied – either at the time or in the documentary!

“That was the first statement that I immediately exposed as a lie for me. Because: Harry and Meghan said in the official engagement interview with the BBC that the marriage proposal had been made in their cottage. They would have fried chicken and this situation would be so nice and family, so perfect for a proposal. When asked if she would have said yes straight away, Meghan replied: ‘Yes, of course.’

Today, years later, they suddenly say that Harry proposed to her on a picnic blanket on a warm summer evening in the USA. I ask myself: Which story is true now? Therefore, the two have to put up with the question in which of the two interviews they lied. And why did you lie?”

The accusation: Harry & Meghan had to get engaged in England

Harry’s statement: “I wanted to do it earlier but because I had to ask my grandmother for permission I couldn’t do it outside the UK.”

Begasse says: That’s not true!

“Of course, Harry is right about one thing: he had to ask his grandmother’s permission, being fourth in line to the throne at the time. But that doesn’t mean he needed to announce the engagement in Britain. The engagement could have gone anywhere take place in this world – just as William once asked for Kate’s hand in Africa, by the way.”

The accusation: Meghan’s niece Ashleigh was not allowed to go to the wedding because her mother (Meghan’s half-sister) spoke badly about her

Meghan’s statement: “My communications team gave me this advice because they just couldn’t deal with it.”

Begasse says: It will be true!

“I believe Meghan received this advice from staff at Kensington Palace. But: I only found out about the existence of this niece through the documentary. This woman was not present in the media at all. Meghan’s half-sister Samantha hardly left one before Opportunity to talk bad about them and get money for it.

Maybe this niece stuck with Meghan. But why didn’t she go before the media personally and have her aunt’s back? She never showed up. So I ask myself: From which hat does Meghan conjure up people who did not exist before – at least in the media?”

The accusation: Meghan was hardly allowed to wear colorful clothes

Meghan’s statement: “I hardly wore any color for most of the time I was in the UK.”

Begasse says: Not true!

“Meghan said that she was not allowed to wear bright colors lest she outshine another member of the royal family. That statement was a mistake because it was untrue. A look at the archives showed me that she has worn every bright color in the world – also in the UK. Maybe that was their own perception.”

The accusation: The Queen rejected an earlier meeting on the “Megxit” question with Harry and Meghan

Harry’s statement (to Meghan): “I realized they planned it so you weren’t in the room.”

Begasse says: No more final enlightenment!

“Nobody was there and the Queen is no longer alive. If that was the case, there must have been reasons. That the Queen would have missed an opportunity to sit down at a table with her favorite grandson for educational reasons, I can not imagine.

After all, she had still seen Harry as part of the royal family at that point. Likewise, it hadn’t escaped the Queen’s attention that the couple had brought a new, modern twist. She would have been foolish to willfully forego an early meeting with Harry – with or without Meghan. And the late Queen certainly wasn’t stupid.”

Begasse’s conclusion: The “Knicks debacle” says more than 1000 words

Michael Begasse makes no secret of the fact that he had doubts about the credibility of Harry and Meghan’s statements during most episodes of the Netflix documentary. “It went on like that. There were always moments when I asked myself: Wasn’t it really different?” said the 56-year-old.

Added to this was the “Knicks debacle”, which caused a sensation around the world. “I had to hold my breath – not because of Meghan’s bad acting, but because of Harry’s look, which spoke volumes. He also found his wife’s performance exaggerated, but did not intervene.”

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In this snapshot, Begasse had the impression that Harry no longer dared to contradict his own wife. “She could have told the story, but a little differently. He should have given her that hint in order not to ridicule his own grandmother. Unfortunately, such a scene is grist to the mill of those who say that Meghan is the driving force “, argues the nobility expert.

To be continued … according to Begasse at the latest when Meghan will launch her own biography after Harry. “I am convinced that this will happen in 2023 or 2024.”