Does Carolina Cruz have a new boyfriend? This was said by the presenter

Carolina Cruz was at the center of different national news, due to the love break she experienced with Lincoln Palomeque months ago. The television presenter was the subject of rumors and speculation for quite some time, since her distance with her ex-partner became more and more evident.

Weeks after completely cutting the love bond with the actor, the Colombian celebrity continued with his life and started from scratch. focusing completely on his two young sons, Matías and Salvador. Many have commented on the sentimental life of the artists, emphasizing that each one may already be with a new person.

Recently, the former beauty queen caught the attention of viewers during the recent broadcast of Day to daywhere she conducted an interview with the singer Llane, a former member of the group Piso 21. The model left more than one curious person speechless after making an unexpected comment about her emotional stability.

Carolina Cruz showed her taste for ear piercings on social networks.  Photo: Instagram @carolinacruzosorio.
Carolina Cruz showed her taste for ear piercings on social networks. Photo: Instagram @carolinacruzosorio. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @carolinacruzosorio.

In the conversation he had with the paisa singer, the fact that Llane would now venture into acting came to the surface and he would have the opportunity to try his luck in front of the cameras with a role in the production how to survive single. The famous said that he signed a contract after being stung by the impulse of this art.

Between laughter and phrases, the title of the project in which he will participate caused interest among the presenters of the morning show, so little by little opinions and comments appeared about it. Carolina Cruz and Carolina Soto exchanged perspectives, coming to agree that they liked that production name.

Carlos Calero and Catalina Gómez joked about the feeling of “surviving single”, since each one has been with their respective partners for a long time. Both presenters mentioned that they no longer knew what it was like to be single, so they found it funny.

“How to survive single? I don’t even remember anymore,” Calero said, to which Gomez added: “Me neither.”

At the crossroads of experiences and current realities of the celebrities of the Colombian show business, Carolina Cruz ended up loosening her tongue and confessing if at this time in her life she was single or had already found a new love. The former Miss Valle did not specify on the subject, but she was clear with the answer she had on this personal aspect.

“The only single person here is me,” said the businesswoman on the Caracol program, where he did not go into details about it after ending his relationship with Palomeque, with whom he was close again in recent days. The famous national media also did not want to reveal if she was meeting someone.

Why did Carolina Cruz end up with Lincoln Palomeque?

The Colombian couple spoke about their sentimental breakup after different sources affirmed that everything between them had ended some time ago and they were only in contact under their role as parents. The two decided to talk about the subject through a statement in which they asked for respect for their family and privacy, without the need to find guilty.

Cruz did take advantage of this space to clarify that One of the reasons for ending their love story was the way in which that feeling they had for several years was transformed. His intention was never to find guilty, but to imply that everything changed within the bond they held.

The relationship of the actor and the presenter would have celebrated 14 years of union this 2022 if it had not been for the differences that came into their lives. At the moment their contact is reduced to their responsibilities as parents, sharing time with the children and their families.