Does Guy Jodoin admit to being single again?

Guy Jodoin shared a meal with his friend Bruno Blanchet on the show The other noon at the next table.

During the discussion, he said this: There, for six months among others, I am in a moment when I discover a loneliness. […] It’s like I don’t really know myself. »

Can we deduce from this that he would no longer see his spouse of recent years, what can you see here?

Guy Jodoin also addressed his painful divorce with Bruno Blanchet.

For me, it was like a whirlwind that divorce “, he admits, still emotional. “ It was really difficult, but I don’t regret anything. »

He adds : ” I couldn’t stay there any longer, I no longer knew what I was doing there. I was in a mansion – I’m exaggerating – on a mountain in Sainte-Adèle and I said to myself: “but what am I doing here?”. I didn’t understand what I was doing there. »

For me it was not a failure “, he specifies. ” I had children, I adopted, I had a grown-up daughter from another union, I had a beautiful family, but after that I said: “OK, but what there, it’s not good, it’s not healthy. “Recall that his four children participated in his Live from the universe. See images of their passage here.

To The other noon at the next table, Guy Jodoin also briefly touched on his minimalism, which he had already spoken with Patrick Huard at La tour.