Does it apply? This is what Jessica Cediel looks for in her next partner

Jessica Cediel is one of the most famous women in Colombia for several reasons: her beauty, her sensuality when it comes to dancing and of course for her work as a presenter. However, she has also stood out in the recent years for his character and attitude towards life, with controversial phrases and moments that he has starred in, both on national television and on social networks.

On the other hand, the model has also given something to talk about, due to her romantic relationships, since several profiles and celebrities with whom she has been linked have been known. Among them is the popular music artist Pipe Bueno, with whom she shared several years.

In recent weeks, Cediel shared with his followers on Instagram and surprised them with his revelations and images.

In one of his most recent stories, he interacted with some, under the dynamics of questions and answers. There she was questioned about the type of man she would like to have in her life and she, the model, immediately confirmed that she is single and that she hopes to meet a mature man.

Some of the questions from his followers were:

“Follower: You have a boyfriend”, to which Cediel replied: “false”. He later pointed out that he had grown tired of bad men when asked by a follower.

In addition, she stressed that she is mature and expects someone like her. “As a couple you must be a note and the other person (must be) super mature, to keep up with your rhythm, “he added.

It should be noted that although the model is single, it does not mean that she is alone, since she has several suitors behind her; She, although she stated that it is not yet time to start a new relationship with someone, because she wants to do it while feeling totally comfortable and secure.

The risqué message that Cediel launched

“I just had a conversation with someone very special and definitely one in life has to be one regardless of what people say. There are people out there who are very cool… who only want the worst for you, there are people who want to use it, there are people who want to harm you, there are people who want to see you on the floor. The important thing is to learn to ignore it,” said Cediel, in a video that he posted on the stories from Instagram.

In addition, he reminded all his followers that What is really relevant in life is precisely what cannot be touched: the personality, the essence.

Likewise, he stressed that You can’t please everyone, let alone always count on the support of people who, they do not add, but subtract value from life and moments.

“Focus only on the things that allow you to grow, on the things that allow you to be a better human being, both inside and out. There are very bad people, so be careful with what we do, with what we see, with what we listen to and who we allow to enter our lives”, he concluded.