Does Maite Perroni appear in Who Killed Sara 3? The Dark Desire crossover

“Who Killed Sara?” It already has its final season on Netflix and apparently the platform decided to join this production to another known through Maite Perroni, the actress who became one of the producers’ favorites.

May 19, 2022

It turns out that, according to what he knows about the outcome of the story, Chema Lazcano is experiencing difficult times in prison after pleading guilty to crimes he did not commit. Given this, he thinks what he can do to avoid continuing in that situation and has the brilliant idea of ​​contacting the lawyer Alma Solares, a character played by the former RBD in “Dark Desire”. The professional is one of the best criminal lawyers in Mexico and that is why Lazcano tells her:“I need your help. They blame me for a crime that I did not commit”

. Later it is seen that she visits him in prison, but to know more you must follow the complete plot.

In this way, Netflix performs what is known as “Crossover”, that is, to unite or build a kind of “bridge” between two series or movies through one of its characters. In networks, the fans expressed very good opinions about this decision and in fact they see it as an ingredient that arouses even more intrigue and mystery.