Does Messi not want Tini as his friend Rodrigo De Paul’s girlfriend? The singer talks about the rumors about an alleged enmity with the footballer from the albiceleste | People | Entertainment

Rodrigo De Paul is perhaps the most talked about name in all of Argentina -after Lionel Messi, of course-. The midfielder for the national team and Atlético de Madrid is in the news because he is facing a strong legal dispute with his ex-wife, Camila Homs.

In addition, the footballer is a partner of Tini Stoessel, with whom he looks very romantic on social networks and the singer was his main support during the Qatar 2022 World Cup, where he was champion with the albiceleste when facing France in the final.

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Tini clarifies rumors about a supposed enmity Lionel Messi

For the first time, the interpreter of “La triple T” spoke about “La Pulga”, who is known as one of Rodrigo De Paul’s best friends, wrote TN.

Certain rumors circulating in the local and international press state that Messi does not want her as the player’s girlfriend, who supposedly had lowered his performance due to the media storm in which he had been involved after the romance.

However, Tini assures that she and Messi have an excellent bond. “It is a love. We shared a birthday recently, it’s so much fun. I met him when she was younger, but I don’t remember why. One of her nephews or children of someone close wanted to come to my show, ”said the singer to Lizardo Ponce, in advance of her second show at the Campo Argentino de Polo.

The artist added that “he is a very respectful guy. Antonela Roccuzzo too”, referring to the wife of the Argentine star.

Supposedly Messi claimed that De Paul’s performance dropped after their relationship became known, this because when the romance was made public, different versions circulated that even pointed to the wives of the national team players.

The press claimed that they would reject the relationship because of “the damage” that De Paul would have done to Camila Homs, with whom he has two children and now faces a legal battle. (AND)

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