Does Pietro Lombardi regret helping the Pochers?

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Does Pietro Lombardi regret helping the Pochers?
Pietro Lombardi hints on Instagram after hot tub discussion. © Screenshot/Instagram/pietrolombardi

Does Pietro Lombardi regret leaving his house to Amira and Oliver Pocher? After speculation about his dirty whirlpool, the singer now makes a cryptic hint in an Instagram story. This could now reignite the discussion about the pool.

Cologne – A dirty whirlpool in Pietro Lombardi’s garden has triggered many discussions in recent days. Fans speculated that Oliver and Amira Pocher had left Pietro’s pool so dirty. In an Instagram story, the singer now makes a suggestion that immediately makes you wonder if he might now regret his willingness to help the Pochers.

Pietro Lombardi fires up the whirlpool discussion again

When the house of Amira and Oliver Pocher was affected by the flood disaster in the summer of 2021, Pietro Lombardi left his luxury house in Cologne to the friendly couple without hesitation while he moved to the hotel. In March 2022, the Pochers moved out again and Pietro returned to his own four walls. The singer later showed his completely dirty whirlpool on Instagram – the trigger for numerous speculations among fans.

Both the Pocher couple and Pietro Lombardi have now made it clear that Amira and Oliver Pocher had not left the whirlpool like this. Lombardi had told “Bild” that he had just forgotten to close the pool cover again. But a new Instagram story from Pietro could now fuel the whirlpool discussion again.

“Can only backfire” – does Pietro Lombardi regret his willingness to help?

“I took one thing with me from the day. Don’t ever try to help anyone else it can only backfire for you.”, explains Pietro Lombardi in the story while zooming in the direction of the whirlpool with his mobile phone. For the fans, the question should arise whether the 29-year-old is just annoyed by the discussions about the dirty pool – or whether the Pochers really left it so dirty and he now regrets having helped them.

The singer has not yet clarified his hints. Pietro Lombardi recently showed a rare picture of his hair on Instagram – and suddenly it was platinum blonde. Sources used: Instagram pietrolombardi