Does Yina Calderón return to reality shows? This she confessed to her followers

The businesswoman and content creator Yina Calderón achieved national fame after participating in the well-remembered reality show RCN, Protagonists of Our Tele. This brought her many followers and recognition, but at the same time a lot of criticism from people who criticize her on social networks for her way of acting.

Well, Apparently again the influencer Huilense will participate in another reality show, as confirmed through the stories of his official Instagram accountwhere he answered questions on different topics and was honest in each of the questions that his followers asked him on this social network.

Evidently, there was a follower of Calderón who was very informed, since he directly asked “which reality show are you going to participate in?”, to which Yina replied that she still cannot say the name, so they are in the negotiations stage, but that soon he will tell the news to his followers through his official accounts.

“Children, I can’t tell you the name. We are seeing my participation, negotiating my participation still. But as soon as I can I’ll tell you.”, Said Calderón and later began to laugh and said: “What a parrot again I over there!”, so many followers began to assume that it could be a format equal to or similar to that of Protagonists of Our Tele.

Through the same Instagram dynamic, the influencer confessed that she was having some appointments with her personal surgeon, for which she would have planned a new cosmetic surgery for her body.

Yina Calderón has repeatedly shown her taste for operations and tattoos, which is why she has received much criticism on social networks, however, most of the time she responds by showing her strength in the face of criticism.

“I challenge you, dear”: Epa Colombia’s challenge to Yina Calderón, what did you answer?

The relationship between Yina Calderón and Epa Colombia has been marked by discussions and exchange of comments on their social networks. On this occasion, it was the keratin businesswoman who challenged Calderón to a musical touch.

Yina Calderón, in addition to her content on social networks and other endeavors, is a DJ, a job that has been listed on the market. In her official accounts, she has shared videos of the presentations that she has carried out in nightclubs, farms and other settings in Colombia.

Epa Colombia, with whom he has exchanged comments on social networks, challenged Calderón in the field of music.

“Yina, the most beautiful thing of all is to play live to collect those 5 clubs or, if not, give them to me so I can give them to people (…) I dare you, dear, to leave me silent with your mix live, I want to see how you move the channels of the plates; if not, come I’ll teach you for free”, affirmed Epa Colombia.

Yina Calderón, in a very calm tone, replied: “The truth is, I prefer to close the topic because I always like to talk to you very sincerely, but I am focused on my reality show, a packed agenda for July, thank God, I am me, then I’m happy and that happiness sometimes itches other people “.

In addition, she added that she is very focused on her business and not on the fights on social networks. “YOr I told you when I talked about the issue of Lina (Tejeiro) that right now I’m focused on mine and I think that the stage of fight after fight, no; I already told each one what I had to tell them, see that little by little they realized that I was right, that the mask was going to fall off, but that’s it, period, I’ll leave the subject there, I don’t need if not touch my followers and that’s it, “said Calderón in his Instagram stories.