Doja Cat FUCKS completely for an actor of “Stranger Things”: she wants to contact him

Doja Cat completely DROPS for an actor "Stranger Things": she wants to contact him

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Noah Schnappthe star of Stranger Thingsrevealed that the singer Doja Cat had asked him to send him the contact details of her co star joseph quinn.

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In a video posted on TikTok, the one who plays the role of Will Byers in the Netflix series, shared an exchange between him and the singer, where she asked him about Joseph quinnWho’s playing Eddie Munson in Stranger Things.

The video of Schnapp shows a screenshot of his messages with Doja Catwhere she wrote: Noah peux-tu dire à Joseph de … ?“. Attends, non. Est-ce qu’il a une petite amie ?

Après que Noah Schnapp I’has encouraged to “slip into her DMs”, Doja has answered:I don’t know his Instagram or his Twitter. He has no DM to slip into.Noah Schnapp then sent Joseph’s Instagram profile quinnin writing :Right here ma’am.

quinn saw his popularity soar after his role in the fourth season of Stranger Things. A scene from the finale, where Eddie Munson play the piece of Metallica ‘Master of puppets to distract a horde of bats, was recently hailed by the group itself.

We were all thrilled to see the end result and when we saw it we were totally blown away“, wrote Metallica on Instagram.It’s extremely well done, so much so that some people could guess the song just by seeing a few seconds of Joseph’s hands quinn in the trailer! It’s super cool, right?