Doja Cat, mad at Noah Schnapp

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    Who has not had a ‘crush’ with a celebrity, a completely impossible love? If you’re from the ‘High School Musical’ generation, Zac Efron will most likely still be, hope is the last thing you lose. But, in the world of celebrity, things work very differently, this platonic love is not completely impossible. This is what the rapper Doja Cat must have thought while she watched the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’ without being able to contribute the view of Eddie Munson, the character brought to life by Joseph Quinn. It seems that after seeing the last two episodes of the second volume of the season, the singer decided that it was time to make a move.

    The interpreter of ‘Kiss Me Mora’ did not hesitate to find a way to approach Quinn and she did turning to one of his co-stars, Noah Schnapp. No wonder the 17-year-old actor is known for his charisma and good vibes: he was the perfect matchmaker. Neither short nor lazy, she contacted the young man to help her sending you a direct message via Instagram which went like this: “Noah, can you tell Joseph to ask me out? Wait no, does he have a girlfriend?”

    We have known this information thanks to the fact that the actor who plays Will Byers shared a video on his TikTok account in which he advised him to contact Quinn on Twitter or Instagram. She confesses that she can’t find any of her profiles, so she can’t write to him. Noah, contributing his grain of sand, shared the Instagram account of his partner writing: “Here you are, miss”.

    So far everything was a perfectly normal situation, but it seems that Doja Cat was not very happy to see her conversation published now not so private and wanted to show his displeasure in an Instagram ‘Live’. This explains why the original video, which accumulated more than 4 million likes and almost 30 million views, has disappeared from the social network. Despite this disagreement and being aware of how things can go wrong on the Internet, the rapper wanted to calm her fans and emphasize that Noah “is just a boy” and that “he thinks that, to be fair, they have to try not to get too angry.”

    Nevertheless, Doja’s crush was not so secret: She had already made it public in a tweet last May, in which she wrote: “Joseph Quinn is great.” Will he have had ‘second thoughts’?

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