Dolly Buster’s health has deteriorated

Dolly Buster
health has deteriorated

Dolly Buster has withdrawn more and more from the public.

Dolly Buster has withdrawn more and more from the public.

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Dolly Buster has spoken openly about her health issues, which have “worsened terribly over the years.”

The former erotic actress Dolly Buster (52) increasingly avoids the public and only attends a few events. In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper she has now spoken out about her retirement and poor health. “I’ve been very ill for years, I have depression and tinnitus. My health has gotten terribly worse over the years,” explains the 52-year-old, who suffered a sudden hearing loss in 2017. Her everyday life, in which she often feels powerless, is “a nightmare”, although she takes part in a wide variety of treatments.

Event visits remain the exception

With everyday things like shopping, she often suffers from panic attacks. “Unfortunately, the same thing happens to me on the red carpet. That’s why I haven’t been to almost any events anymore,” explains Dolly Buster. A few days ago she showed up exceptionally at an event hosted by reality TV star Julian FM Stoeckel (35). “Of course, if I can do it again in terms of strength and I discover something interesting, I’ll try to get out of the hole.” Her doctor recommended that she “take trips more often to distract myself and get out of bed.”

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