Dominican film “0+” will premiere in Argentina

The Dominican film produced by pop entertainment“0+”, will have its official premiere in Argentina after an international distribution agreement with Sweet Potato Filmswhich will allow its projection in different countries of South America.

The fictional film work is an erotic drama inspired by real events, starring Evelyna Rodríguez, Danilo Reynoso and Victorio D’Alessandro, under the direction of Argentine Bruno Musso, a script by Junior Rosario, and filmed between Puerto Plata and Buenos Aires.

“Our goal is to make films that transcend borders and reveal the best of Latin American talent, through Dominican stories with a universal reach,” said Evelyna and Danilo from Pop Entertainment.

The film “0+” will have its premiere throughout the Argentine Republic on March 30, while it will arrive in the Dominican Republic in the second half of the year.

About the movie:

In the 1990s, when it was believed that sexually transmitted diseases were a death sentence, two prosperous Dominicans living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, live the consequences of rejection, prejudice and ignorance after being diagnosed with a syndrome with very little information and few treatments. Going back to your roots could represent beyond healing, a new beginning.

“This is a necessary film, because it is the look of people who suffer discrimination, whether due to ignorance, prejudice or fear of society itself, for being HIV carriers,” highlighted its director Musso.

“0+” joins the billboard of productions released by POP Entertainment such as “La familia Reyna” (2016), winner of 25 national and international awards, “Guayabo” (2021), winner of the audience award in Spain, and “Rafaela” (2022), premiered at the India Film Festival and winner of some 8 international awards. In addition, they have produced several feature films together with Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Venezuela.