Dominican soprano Nathalie Peña Comas sings at the Vatican

Dominican soprano Nathalie Peña Comas presented the “Grand Centennial Concert to Alta Gracia” on Wednesday night in the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria La Mayor, in the Vatican, which was packed with people.

The artistic homage to the Virgen de la Altagracia took place within the framework of the centenary of the canonical coronation in 1922 and included the participation of more than 80 artists on stage, the Rome Orchestra and the Musicanova choir under the musical direction of the teacher Laura Pérez-Soria.

It also had the special participation of Dominican classical artists Evelyn-Peña Comas, flutist, and Nicole Peña-Comas, cellist, and French guitarist Damien Lancelle, offering Dominican sacred art and folklore in all its splendor, in the heart of Catholicism.

“The Virgin of Altagracia is an icon of Dominican culture, it transcends the borders of religiosity to become a symbol of our identity. She has been an inspiration for more than a hundred artists in different manifestations of art such as literature, music, painting, sculpture and cinema. Her devotion to her has created customs and traditions that have enriched Dominican folklore, ”said Nathalie Peña-Comas, who is the cultural ambassador of the Dominican Republic in the world.

The Papal Basilica of Santa María la Mayor is a majestic Catholic temple belonging to the Vatican, the first in the world dedicated to the Virgin Mary.