Don Jediondo in Desafío was sharp with contestants and one raised him with everything

The competitions during the ‘Challenge’ lead to the participants often having unexpected reactions, in the midst of strong claims to their peers and other spontaneous situations.

Chapter 41 of the Canal Caracol program showed the arrival of ‘Don Jediondo’ who, with his character as the vigilante ‘Godoy’, arrived to take away the smiles of several of the contestants.

The comedian was in charge of executing the sentence for the ‘gamma’ team, chosen by the winner of the sentencing, award and punishment test in which ‘alpha’ was imposed.

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‘Don Jediondo’ in ‘Challenge’ was sharp with contestants and one raised him

The comedian took advantage of his arrival to joke about women at the time of the presentation of the members of the ‘beta’ team, but there he made fun of ‘Tarzan’ by asking if she was a “Miss”.

“Hello ‘Tarzán’, from time to time I change the vine,” he said jokingly, before announcing that he would start bothering the members of the blue team.

The boyacense, among other sharp actions, threw one of the mattresses, pillows and other personal items into the pool, in addition to confiscating some of the food. That caused discomfort in several of the members of the blue team.

During the conversation with “Don Jediondo”, the participants told him that “Valkyria”, whose name is Andrea Carolina Olaya Gutiérrez, is an Olympic fighter. There, she decided to confirm her strength to the comedian by suddenly picking him up.

“Take advantage of the lift,” said the man from Boyacá between laughs, while the woman held him in the air, to demonstrate his physical capacity. “The device made me vibrate,” the comedian concluded once on the ground.

This situation caused laughter from the rest of the ‘beta’ team members, while ‘Valkyria’ simply shrugged her shoulders after raising the person in charge of the punishment.

This was the video with chapter 41 in the Canal Caracol program: