Donation campaign: The weakest of this war now urgently need our help

In schools, the children find friends, connection and distraction

Holger Hofmann, the managing director of the children’s charity, explained to us what the often severely traumatized children and young people need now. In addition to psychological and medical help, there are also simple things like a bed, preferably one that is not in a collective accommodation. “The refugee children find these shelters disturbing. They continue to suffer there and become ill. Nobody can find peace there, especially not a child,” explains Hofmann.

And it is just as important that the children are quickly integrated into schools and kindergartens. The children learn German there. They find friends and, above all, distraction so that the terror in their heads can go away for a few hours. In addition, every child has a right to education and training. “It doesn’t matter where it lives and what residence status it has,” says Hofmann. and other BurdaForward portals such as, or FOCUS Online will soon be reporting intensively on the projects that are funded by your donations. First of all, it is also about simple help. Thousands of school satchels are to be packed with Ukrainian-language teaching material and distributed throughout Germany as soon as possible.

With incredible personal effort, a donation center in Meissen, Saxony, ensures that the families who arrive there are provided with the essentials. Three committed teachers give language courses for mothers in the donation center while their children are cared for on a voluntary basis. The children’s charity also supports individual Ukrainian families: For example, the N. family, who arrived in Berlin and are spread over several apartments and who can no longer withdraw money from their Ukrainian accounts. The adult daughters of the family studied, built a future for themselves. Then came the war.

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The campaign is also supported by our in-house initiative “Spsprungkraft”. With her, we are committed to ensuring that educational equity can finally become a reality in Germany. We still exclude far too many young people from equal access to education. We deny them the ascent. In these fateful days in Europe, we want to extend this idea to the children of the Ukraine. They should perceive Germany as a country that does not exclude. A country that offers opportunities for a good life.

Article by FOCUS Online Editor-in-Chief Florian Festl