Donna Leon: You need these three things for a fulfilling life

Your success is unparalleled! Since 1992, the American Donna Leon (79) has been writing about the investigator Commissario Brunetti, who goes on a criminal hunt in her adopted home of Venice, Italy. In the ARD cult series “Donna Leon”, actor Uwe Kockisch (78) embodied the Italian investigator from the fifth case in 2003 until the end of the series in December 2019.

For Donna Leon, however, the work always goes on. In her latest book “Charities”, Commissario Brunetti is investigating in Venice for the 31st time. A success that the author greatly appreciates. She spoke more openly than ever about her secret of happiness and a possible end to her career.

“Commissario Brunetti” author Donna Leon: With these three ingredients, she stays young

In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, 79-year-old Donna Leon stated that she has no problem with aging: “For me, age is like the red needle among the videos that I see on my computer. You can do it back and forth. Some people are old at 50 because their minds are immobile. Other people who are much older stay young because they want to keep their minds mobile.” How does she stay so fit and youthful herself? “There are exactly three things you need: exercise, omega 3 and vitamin D,” the 79-year-old told “Bild”.

Donna Leon: “I want to quit while the books are still good”

At the same time, Donna Leon added: “These three ingredients don’t guarantee me a longer life, but they make life less unhealthy.” The author also spoke openly about the future of her famous Commissario Brunetti, admitting: “When the books aren’t good anymore, then I quit. It’s dishonest for authors to write books that they know are bad, the publish them anyway. I want to stop while the books are still good.”