Don’t forget the lyrics: Fabien on the verge of giving the answer to the maestro, Nagui takes it back (ZAPTV)

This Wednesday, June 15, in Do not forget the lyrics, Fabien was taken over by Nagui. During the final of the maestro, Kaël, he almost gave the missing words… and made him win the sum of 1000 €.

The France 2 broadcast, Do not forget the lyricshas become an essential program chain. Presented by Nagui, viewers discover, every day, new candidates determined to try to dethrone the maestro. Among the emblematic figures of the show, we obviously find Margaux, Caroline, Kevin, Renaud or even Jenniferwho became the top contenders in the game.

This Wednesday, June 15, 2022, for this new episode of Do not forget the lyricsthe husband of Mélanie Page received Kaël, currently maestro for 11 shows and at the head of €105,000. The young man managed to eliminate the two new candidates, Nicolas, also a singer, and Marion, a former participant of the show and sports educator.

Fabien makes a careless mistake, Nagui takes it back

In the second show, Kaël beat Marion 400 points to 60, with the test of the same song : Falls, by M.Pokora. But it was during the final that a sequence caught the attention of viewers, Nagui, but also the maestro. The latter had the choice between two music: Tomorrow will be perfectof Jean Louis Aubert or Viktor Lazlo with pink canoe. And finally, he opted for the song of the artist of the group Telephone.

But in the first part of the final, to try to win €1000 with two words, Fabien, musician from Do not forget the lyricswanted to get ahead of maestro Kaël… and almost gave the candidate the answer. “How are you Fabien?”, then asked Nagui. To which he replied, embarrassed: I wanted to help him, because I felt he wasn’t really into the melody… I wanted to do well. For his part, Nagui remained true to himself, teasing. “You even felt that he didn’t have the lyrics, so you wanted to help him”, he said, laughing. Unfortunately for Kaël, who did not know this piece, his kitty did not evolve – despite the unexpected help of Fabien.