“Don’t heat her up anymore, we have to stop this now”: Montserrat Bernabeu’s plea to Piqué to end the war with Shakira, after her grandchildren no longer call her grandmother | People | Entertainment

Shakira He made clear his enmity with his ex-mother-in-law, Montserrat Bernabeu, to whom he dedicated a hint in his last song with Bizarrap. The good relationship that could have existed years ago is in the past and now the medical professional is part of the irreconcilable situation that the Colombian lives after breaking up with Pique.

The recent video of the ex-soccer player’s mother left her in bad shape in front of everyone, starring in a violent action in which she pressured and silenced the Barranquilla woman in the middle of a concealed discussion in front of Piqué. For many this is proof that she did not treat her well.

Now, a new version comes to light, the one offered by the intimate environment of the Physical Medicine specialist, totally opposite to what was known in these last 7 months of confrontation between the Mebaraks and the Piqués.

Shakira’s mother-in-law asked Piqué to stop the provocations

Piqué wants to get his life back to normal with the presentation of Clara Chía in an official photo from her Instagram account. However, for many it was a way to get even or take revenge for the onslaught of the song, the Lecturas portal specified.

In the midst of this dispute that the superstar has with the former FC Barcelona player, Montserrat Bernabeu stands out, the ex-mother-in-law who was left as the “villain” before everyone for being complacent in the arrival of Clara Chia to the life of his son.

Shakira does not lift her declaration of war before her decision not to forgive the betrayal that she experienced twice. However, from the Ana Rosa program on the Spanish channel Telecinco, they offered the other side in the separation of the famous ex-partner.

The informant close to the ex-Azulgrana’s family reports that the doctor did everything possible so that her son did not abandon Shakira. But the insistence and the pleas were fruitless, after the owner of Kosmos told his mother: “a reconciliation is impossible.”

Monstserrat Bernabeu was blunt before his eldest son to demand that he stop the confrontation with his ex-wife.

“Stop this already. Don’t heat her up anymore, you have to cut this off, ”he told her when rejecting the reaction that Piqué had when he appeared on the Kings League broadcast wearing a Casio and arriving aboard a Twingo.

Shakira’s children no longer call her grandmother

According to the environment of Piqué’s mother, the assistance director of the Guttmann Institute, whom many label as “abusive” and “controlling”, is experiencing the troubles of the breakup, seeing the estrangement of her grandchildren.

The presenter of the program said that the doctor’s environment ensures that Shakira asked her children Milan and Sasha not to call Piqué’s parents grandparents. It all happened during the Three Kings Day celebration, when the interpreter of “Monotonía” asked her offspring not to say “avi” to Joan Piqué and “ona” to Montse, an issue that makes her sad.

The birth of their grandchildren was the greatest joy for the Piqué-Bernabeu family and as grandparents they have been the biggest supporters of Milan and Sasha, their greatest treasures.

The conflict situation would have hurt Montserrat very much, immersed in the middle of the war that the singer maintains with her ex.

According to the journalist, the break between Shakira and her mother-in-law originated after the singer posted a post on Instagram praising her then-husband, when in reality the relationship had already ended.

These words bothered the mother-in-law and she interpreted it as a maneuver to put pressure on her son and she made him see it that way, reproaching him for what was done on the networks. And this would be the reason why the Barranquillera adopted the attitude against what she always called “my little mother-in-law”. (AND)

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