Don’t keep quiet! César Bono’s son responds to those who call him “maintained”

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Mexico City.- Recently Caesar Bono He was hospitalized because an ulcer burst, but caused controversy by talking about his need to fully recover and go back to work, because in addition to feeling useful, he must support two of his children.

I had four children. The daughters are married and are supported by their husbands, my sons-in-law, but the sons are not married and still depend on me financially. And the mother of the male children also depends on me,” the actor said on that occasion.

Following this statement, social network users sent negative messages to Leonardson of the 71-year-old artist, letting him know that at 27 he should no longer depend on the man who gave him life to survive.

I received messages from hate on my social networks, and thank God this is the first time this has happened to me, because the people who follow me, who care to get to know me and see who I am, never give me ugly things […] It feels very ugly that, yes, it has cost me work, I think that being in the middle they understand how difficult it is, “Leonardo said on the program the sun rises.

Subsequently, the young man, who is singer and is also dedicated to acting, stated that the media put aside his father’s condition to focus on disqualifying both him and his brother.

Instead of saying ‘Wow! César Bono wants to work for his… He has just been saved from a life or death operation’. Oh no, that doesn’t matter! He mentioned something to keep. let’s humiliate to this pair of children… Well, adults,” he declared.

And he added: “I could remain silent, but as I was saying, it has cost me a lot and I have fought a lot, I don’t know if more than others or less than others, or if more because I am a son or less, I don’t know, I It has cost a lot, and what is being talked about me right now in such an important program is something they don’t even know.

Finally, Leonardo preferred to reserve the conversation he had with his father regarding the comment he made; However, he made it clear that his relationship with him remains intact and asks not to be involved in bickering.

My conversations with my father are with my father and it is private, what is public is my work and the truth is that I believe that everything has been distorted, if there is someone who César Bono loves, it is his children, “he concluded.

Source: Mexico Agency