‘Don’t send me money’: Ángela Aguilar reacts to donations from fans on her live shows

Mexico City.- Currently Angela Aguilar He has more than 8 million followers, with whom he shares both aspects of his daily life and his professional career, and even enjoys performing live to talk with his “little angels”, as he calls his community of followers.

It’s known that TikTok It is one of the networks in which the famous is very active, and in which more than 9 million people follow her, so she recently decided to make her first live broadcast in said application, which did not go as expected.

During a transmission of the young woman, her fans began to send her money. Photo: Special.

The daughter of Pepe Aguilar She was very happy talking with her fans during a live broadcast, when suddenly her fans began to send her donations, so the vernacular singer reacted overwhelmed and confused, because she just wanted to be closer to her fans, but she did not make the connection to raise more money than he already makes from his music and live performances.

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In the presence of several hundred fans who were gathered participating in the live through TikTokÁngela was surprised by the unexpected turn that her transmission took because no one expected the reaction of the famous young woman.

“I don’t want them to send me money. I want us to have a fun ‘live’. Please don’t send me money, I don’t know how to stop that function. What is that heart? What’s that? Ya!” she said.

Angela asked her fans to have a fun broadcast. Photo: Special.

It should be noted that on TikTok, as well as other social networks focused on live broadcasts, followers are allowed to send money to content creators to support them.

But after the reaction of the granddaughter of the famous Wild flowerthe video of his reaction later went viral on other social networks and was widely commented on by Internet users.

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