“Don’t undress so often on TV!” Amira Pocher finishes Oliver because of his figure

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Oliver Pocher has fed himself a little tummy of prosperity in recent years. The comedian is comfortable with his new curves. Wife Amira, on the other hand, seems to like the extra pounds less.

Cologne – Amira (30) and Oliver Pocher (44) usually blaspheme about other German celebrities and influencers in their Podimo podcast. In the Christmas episode, for once, it doesn’t happen to Sarah Harrison, Anne Wunsch and Co. Amira Pocher hands out against her own husband of all people!

Nasty: Amira Pocher shares in the podcast against Oliver

It all starts with Oliver Pocher drinking coke while recording the podcast. “Why are you drinking something like that again?” Amira asks in a reproachful tone. The comedian seems stunned for a moment, after all, his wife has the same drink in front of her. “I can afford it, I did some sport today!” explains the 30-year-old.

“Don’t undress so often on TV!” Amira Pocher finishes Oliver because of his figure
Oliver Pocher likes to strip naked in public. His wife Amira finds it less funny than he does. © Imago & Instagram/Oliver Pocher

But the presenter doesn’t stop there. She complains that her husband always secretly eats away her snacks. Only recently he had eaten a pack of gingerbread by himself and then announced at dinner that he was not hungry. “And I always wonder: Where does the belly come from?” Amira laughs at her Oli.

How it all began

Amira Pocher met her husband and father of her two children, Oliver Pocher, through the dating platform Tinder. But at the time he was “not in the mood” for anything serious. “I’ll get it,” Amira said stubbornly. At that time, Oliver Pocher was constantly being hit on by other women. Amira’s explanation: He was still “10 kilos less” and “6 years younger”. They have officially been a couple since 2016. But for two and a half years they kept their relationship out of the public eye. Today the couple is married and has two sons together.

Is Amira Pocher ashamed of her husband?

He doesn’t want to put up with that. “I have a relatively normal figure!” insists the 44-year-old. But Amira Pocher exposes him: “You’re pulling in your stomach!” She even says that Oliver already has a real “ball”. “If I had met you that way, it wouldn’t have been so bad,” she complains. Apparently she’s disappointed that her husband has let himself go like this since they’ve been together.

Oliver Pocher replies that he feels comfortable in his own skin. And that’s what matters in the end, isn’t it? However, that doesn’t seem to be enough for Amira. “Yes, but then don’t undress so often on TV, that would help!” she demands. Is she embarrassed that her husband is showing off his curves so publicly? Oliver Pocher is at least convinced: “But that’s my job!”

However, Amira is not the only one who deals against the comedian. He also has to take a lot on Instagram. Fans disse Oliver Pocher because of his stomach. Sources used: Podimo/The Pochers