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His first film, a fifth performance of his show La Caja de la Música at the Coca-Cola Music Hall, the expansion of his brand and his wedding, occupy the short and medium-term agenda of content creator Daniel El Travieso.

What began as a mess took on seriousness and became “my daily bread,” after spending a year in Los Angeles taking courses in emotion management, script writing and auditions, among other things.

“I was on social networks, I created, but I wanted to learn further, from a more professional point of view and I went with the mentality of gaining experience and learning,” he recalled about the decision he made about four years ago and that served as the basis for the creation of Los Traviesos.

Daniel Ruiz Alabanza, real name of the “influencer”, today has 11.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, 11 characters, two dogs and a fanatic of naughty unconditional.

“I will never get used to it and I will never have the right answer, just thanks,” he said around his followers. One of them is the content creator Camila Pérez, who was moved to tears when she witnessed one of the past performances of La Caja de la Música.

Camilita is the number one naughty girl in Puerto Rico. It seemed very different to me, very free, very brutal, ”he said about the meeting with the girl at the Los Traviesos facilities and who could have an intervention in the show as Mini Chapi.

The show led by Gil René will be presented on June 25 and 26 at the Coca-Cola Music Hall and its starting point is his second record production of the same name, released in October last year.

Precisely, during one of the past performances of La Caja de la Música, he premiered the preview of what will be his first film, inspired by the Travieso family. The film does not have a release date.

What does have a date is his bachelorette party, on October 29 in Mexico, where he will marry the Mexican influencer Karen Barrera.

“It represents normality in my life… It has everything that makes me happy,” Daniel states seriously to list some of the benefits of his fiancée. “Her humility of hers, her simplicity, the unconditional love she has for me, putting up with me. She is an angel “, he said about her partner two years ago and with whom he already thinks to have” naughty “.

On the other hand, the interpreter bets on the development and expansion of the Los Traviesos brand, both at the level of merchandise and media, as well as a cartoon version.

Information and tickets for La Caja de la Música at Ticketera.

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